Google data centre at Eemshaven (photo:

Google data centre at Eemshaven (photo:

iPhoneclub (translation) says that Apple’s rumored plan to build a new data center in Netherlands are now focusing on the town of Eemshaven.

Eemshaven is an ideal location due to the high-speed transatlantic fiber optic cable link to the USA. Google already has a 10,000 square meter data center in the town, and it is believed that Apple has already been granted outline planning permission for its own center … 

Although the cost of the center has not been revealed, a comparable sized data center being built by Microsoft in the same area is known to be costing €2B ($2.7B). The center is expected to create between 150 and 200 new jobs.

Apple achieved 100 percent renewable energy sources for its data centres as of last year, a record which will be easy to maintain in a windy part of the Dutch coastline which is blanketed with wind-turbines.

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11 Responses to “Apple rumored to be planning €2B ($2.7B) European data center in Netherlands”

  1. They’re planning to build it in The Netherlands. Not in Holland.


  2. danbridgland says:

    Surely Iceland would make more sense for a company so focused on renewable energy, ground sourced thermal energy in abundance and naturally cooled ambient air requiring little filtration. Seems totally logical.
    Perhaps the data links just aren’t up to it?


  3. syed ali says:

    What about my country.check everything available. ,


  4. I’d think Ireland, being Apple’s European headquarters and big players like Amazon, Google (shhh), MS having their DC here would be better choice…


    • Xavalon nl says:

      Also Microsoft is planning a billion dollar data center in the Netherlands. So Google, Apple and Microsoft choose this relative small country. The internet infrastructure in the Netherlands is very good.


  5. will this make apple able to reject the NSA from getting customerdata ?