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Coinciding with today’s update to Keynote for Mac and iOS, Apple has silently removed the old Keynote Remote application from the App Store. Although a direct link to the application still works, some readers are reporting that they are no longer able to download the app, and it no longer appears in search results.

It’s no surprise that the app got pulled- it was never refreshed for iOS 7, and never even gained 4″ display support for that matter. This fall, Apple made the application free to all users.

Following today’s update to Keynote for iOS, Apple has included much of the functionality of the old remote app within Keynote itself- also a free application for all users upon the purchase of a new iOS device. While the old Keynote Remote continues to work with the newest version of Keynote for Mac, Apple has warned users (above), that the app is being discontinued.

Below are some screenshots of the new remote features in action. Notably, this is the first time Apple has shipped a remote feature for Keynote that works natively on the iPad. Also new is the ability to control a presentation running off of another iOS device.

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11 Responses to “Apple silently removes Keynote Remote from the App Store, recommends users update to Keynote 2.1 for iOS”

  1. I just discovered this and using KeyNote is nicer, prefer the layout of the new remote and how its easier to customise the layout of what is shown on the iPhone.


    • I have yet to try a live presentation using this new app but it does seem to have a lot of promise. Being able to see the slides in various ways, flick back and forth if needed, and even do simple drawings live on the screen seems pretty handy. Love that it works with Bluetooth as well as some of the churches I present in have no wifi!


  2. This is not the first time you can control a presentation running off of another iOS device. Many times I used the old Keynote Remote app on my iPhone to control my iPad, which was plugged into the projector, via bluetooth to give presentations.


  3. noelboss says:

    This sucks! Don’t want Keynote on my iPhone, just want the remote. To be fair tough, the remote App sucked too…


  4. Zac Tolley says:

    Imagine my shock when flipping through the screen grabs I notice the article is personalised to ME


  5. Rian Lim says:

    Does this mean that I have to download the huge app and all my keynote files to my iphone just to control the ipad remotely? There goes my small space.


  6. Contrary to a post I read somewhere else, you do not need a wifi connection. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac AND iOS device. Open Keynote on your Mac and open its preferences.
    Click on REMOTES and choose your iOS device. Also open Keynote on your iOS device and touch the little icon that looks like a box with a play arrow. This will activate pairing of your iOS device with Keynote on your Mac. The rest is pretty straight forward.


  7. Barry Piper says:

    Does anyone know if this works to remotely play and pause videos on the iPad?


  8. I have not been able to use the remote app to stop/start a running video clip in a Keynote presentation. Anyone know a way around that, …or alternatively know of another app that can do this?