Mac Icon Font

As part of Apple’s 30th anniversary celebration of the Mac, Apple built a dedicated page to illustrate the evolution of the Mac year after year.

Each panel features line-drawn icon representing the Mac portraying that year, and a friend of mine, Greg Barbosa, noticed these icons are actually characters that make up a special font.

You can download the font to your Mac and explore each icon yourself, and I’ve created a gallery below to see each Mac drawing at high-res scale. Enjoy.

Update: T-shirts featuring the icons available on Teespring (black and white).

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4 Responses to “Celebrate 30 years of Mac with Apple’s hidden icon font”

  1. There’s a similar, 2nd font @ that twitter page.


  2. rettun1 says:

    Looking at the evolution of the Mac Pro, ending with the cylinder, really shows me what Apple is all about.

    “A computer absolutely can be sexy” -Jony


  3. I’ve seen the Mac thirty year old video on apple website and I love it. The video and all the pictures makes me believe that many dreams can be achieved as long as we can think of and fight for it. We should discover how deep the influence that Mac brought to us. I love this high tech world surrounded by Apple products.

    Happy birthday to Mac. It is already perfect enough for many of us. If something could make it better, that is Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player ( can play all the Blu-ray movies on Mac. I think it is also a good news for all the Mac users on Mac’s 30 year birthday.