A report published in Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, via Mac Otakara, reiterates the flurry of previous reporting that Apple will release two new iPhones this year with larger displays, around 4.7 and 5.6 inches respectively. This has been reported countless times in the past by multiple sources. It also says that Apple is targeting a release in the third-quarter, again unsurprising at this point.

However, the report goes onto say that only the larger of these two phones will feature sapphire-glass. According to this sketchy report, the 4.7 inch model will continue to use Corning’s Gorilla Glass like the current iPhone 5s and 5c.

9to5Mac reported Apple was readying its Arizona factory to produce sapphire glass for iPhone screens earlier this month. With Apple only just ramping their use of sapphire this year (also rumored to be used in the iWatch), the claim that sapphire will be used for just one iPhone variant is not unreasonable due to potential supply constraints.

What is much less likely, is what the Economic Daily News says next. It claims Apple will not name the larger ~5.6 inch device an iPhone. According to their information, Apple will treat this form of iPhone as an ‘experimental’ product and not use the iPhone name. However, this last claim should definitely be approached with skepticism. Apple is unlikely to complicate its product lineup by distinguishing the 4.7 and 5.6 inch models any more than they do with the 5s and 5c — although they feature different suffixes, they are both iPhones.

Moreover, why would ‘first-hand supply chain sources’ have knowledge of Apple’s branding and marketing plans?

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23 Responses to “Taiwanese report reiterates 4.7 inch and 5.6 inch iPhones incoming, claims larger model will not use iPhone branding”

  1. Apple Newton strikes back!


  2. “Moreover, why would ‘first-hand supply chain sources’ have knowledge of Apple’s branding and marketing plans?”

    -well they might have to place the name on the phone like iPhone is inscribed on the back of every phone… Just a thought. I agree that I don’t see them using another name.


    • OneOkami says:

      That was my thought as well. There is branding in manufacturing so I think it’s a least plausible someone involved in that process could know (i’m skeptical nonetheless).

      Regardless of what they brand the larger one, I think 5.5+” will be a bit too large for my tastes in such a device. I’m all in for a larger screen but I still want the phone to feel fairly compact and suited for mobility. As I’m also planning on upgrading to the new iPad Air from my 3rd gen iPad largely because I plan to carry it around with me a lot due to it’s light weight so I doubt I’ll be needing a “phablet”. ~4.5″ for me, please.


      • The branding is not something that’s essential in the manufacturing process. I.e. the lasering (?) of ‘iPhone’ can be added last-minute, just like the custom engraving via the Online Apple Store.

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      • Lex,

        Indeed that can all be done last minute (and just for clarification when I mentioned branding i’m also implying things like product identification, packaging and documentation). But just because it CAN be done last-minute doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t ever be known before the last minute. All I’m saying is that it is plausible for someone involved in the process to know before the last minute.


  3. I believe in neither the sapphire on one variant only of the iPhone nor on the bigger model with another name. That would dilute too much the iPhone brand in a sea of products and variants.


  4. Except if it’s not a phone…
    Maybe it’s the new iPod Touch, the idea could be to make it different from an “iPhone with no phone”.
    …or an iPad Nano.


  5. I’ll believe that one when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.


  6. If they know it will not be named iPhone, they must know how it will be named instead, don’t they?


  7. Len Williams says:

    I know, the larger version will be called the iPhab !

    I may be one of the minority, but I’d love to own a 4.7″ iPhone to increase the ease of web browsing. A 5.6″ phone is approaching “barge” size for many pockets, and Apple might as well add phone capabilities to the iPad mini.


  8. I’m hoping this is all true. But I’ve gotten my hopes up in the past so I’m trying to keep my expectactions low. The same rumors seem to circulate every year but I’m not sure how much longer Apple can ignore the trend toward larger devices.

    All I’ve wanted is “bigger” and I haven’t stopped to think about how big I’m willing to go. Am I willing to carry around a Note-sized iDevice? Dunno. Probably. Also, how much is the larger device w/ 64 or 128GB going to run? Yikes.


  9. Like I said before , my guess is good as any others, the 4.7-5.2 is a new iPhone size, 5.2+ new iPod (Pro) introduction {new catogory size for Apple}. That is all.


  10. I think “iPhad” would be an ugly name…


  11. Oflife says:

    Am willing to bet Apple are going to bring the Newton back, even if not under that name. IE, the larger device will have a stylus to compete with the excellent Galaxy Note 3 (which I have).

    If not branded Newton, then perhaps the ‘Jot’, ‘Notepad’, ‘iBook’, ‘JotPad’ etc. The latter are a bit clunky, so hopefully Jot or similar? Just a thought!


  12. lofye says:

    Prediction: the 5.6″ model is not an iPhone, but a device specifically for in-car. Despite being smaller, its resolution will be the same as an iPad (easy for developers), and it will be fixed in landscape orientation. It will have its own UI-experience, with larger text and icons.


  13. My guess is that the iPhone 6 will = 4.7 screen size. iPhone Air will be 5.6-5.7 screen.


  14. I think Apple is doing great these days. I like the rumors about the iWatch being a worthy addition instead of some watered down smartphone on the wrist that needs charging every day. And I like how the 5s enhanced the experience of the 5 in quite some ways without adding bloatware. But both the iPad mini and the rumors of this huge iPhone make me feel really sad that Steve is not around anymore. Those products are reactions to the cheap and unusably small android tablets and the unergonomically large pocket devices.


  15. But how will my thumb go from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen when I hold it in one hand….???? I think my brain will xplode when these new iPhones come out. Apple has trained me so well to believe that anything larger than 4 inches is just nonsense. NONSENSE I SAY!!!


  16. Chris Duffy says:

    I like the idea of a 4.7″ iPhone, but like most people, I feel 5.6 will be a tad too large for a phone. iPhone users aren’t used to that. It’d be like going from an LG Rumour to an S4. Not everyone will embrace that as quickly. 5″ area I see. It’s the perfect size. Add in better speakers, Wireless N and maybe a swype styled keyboard (that’d be a long shot) …. it’ll be unstoppable…. more unstoppable lol .