Tables compiled by Whale Wisdom from SEC filings show which hedge funds bought AAPL shares last quarter and which ones sold (via Fortune).

The numbers show that 1,010 funds bought AAPL stock, while 847 sold. Morgan Stanley led the bulls – those buying – with purchases of 1.36M shares. As Fortune observes, this is no surprise given Katy Huberty’s target price of $630 (against a current price of $546 at the time of writing).

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2 Responses to “Want to see who’s buying and selling AAPL? SEC filings provide the answer”

  1. Gary Frost says:

    If I had some big bucks to put into Apple, I would. Even short term fluctuation does not really say much about the brand. APPL could be the long the term stock your grandma bought and did very well. Building more homage to the memory of Jobs without ever mentioning his name also builds the brand. Short term fluctuation is short sighted and the very nature of the stock is changing. Not the day trader flash, but I believe longevity may be developing.


  2. tomtubbs says:

    Would be interesting to keep this up and look at a few quarters of numbers