The Verge provides a first look at the animation for Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri. While it’s a still photo rather than a video, it seems pretty clear how the circular animation works … can anyone think of where they’ve seen anything like that before?

Cortana – named after the AI character in the Microsoft game Halo – is set to appear in the forthcoming 8.1 update to Windows Phone. The feature looks like a relatively direct Siri clone, with some features borrowed from Google Now – such as the ability to scan your emails for things like flight numbers and plans to schedule meetings.

It’s not yet known whether Cortana will be the public name of the feature, or just an internal codename.

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17 Responses to “Does this animation look familiar to you? Microsoft’s answer to Siri revealed”

  1. Not sure if anyone cares about the animation of the windows product but why SIri has barely gotten better since “she” was introduced.


  2. Mac OS uses a wristwatch to show delays… When Microsoft introduced Windows, it used a sand clock.
    Sire uses a mike… Microsoft should use a ‘RCA Victor gramophone (dog included)’ to parallel icons.


  3. The photo that says Cortana Settings could be a good indication of the name.


  4. scumbolt2014 says:

    Eh. M$ right on track 3+ years late to the show per usual.

    More important too me is what “gimmick” features the iPhone 6 and/or wearable device Apple makes next that all the anal-systs and competition CEO’s will mock and discount as nothing then it will be on all the competitions devices as they innovate until the cows come home.


  5. is set to appear*
    NOT: it’s set to be appear!


  6. A headline about an animation, yet no animation to be seen.


  7. It does look familiar. It looks like Shazam.

    Everyone is really missing the points on this. Microsoft didn’t just copy a circle. They also stole the idea of using a microphone to signify talking, a music note to represent music, a human hand in an advertisement to show something can be held and words spelled out with small symbols called letters. Clearly Apple is on the cutting edge of human symbology, and Microsoft is just fighting to catch.


  8. Siri isn’t merely a joke, it’s a time waster that causes your stress levels to soar. Life is better WITHOUT Siri.


  9. Wait, what? You seem to be suggesting that looks like something that’s a part of Siri, but Siri has nothing like that? (Siri does have a single circular progress ring after you query it, but that’s just a copy of the common Metro style progress rings like so much of iOS 7). But never mind that, because this doesn’t look like a progress ring at all.

    Instead, this looks like something that might be interactive and animate in response to your voice. It also looks very much like something out of Halo…