Earlier today we got a look at Apple’s just announced CarPlay feature for iOS when Volvo announced it would arrive in its new XC90 SUV, and now Mercedes-Benz has announced its partnership with Apple. As previously reported, the company confirmed today that it will be demoing the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show. Like Volvo and many of the other vehicle manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz made it clear that Apple’s CarPlay won’t be the only in-car entertainment system with work continuing on Android and MirrorLink solutions:

As soon as Google brings its own in-car infotainment system to market, Mercedes-Benz customers will also be able to enjoy the world of Android in their cars. Mercedes-Benz has already shown to impressive effect how an Android-based in-car infotainment system could look…

Not only does Mercedes-Benz have plans for Android-based in-car systems, but it will also continue to offer its Drive Kit Plus, Digital DriveStyle App, COMAND Online, and Mercedes-Benz apps that let users access a variety of smartphone apps from Facebook to Google Maps through the in-car display.

“Two years ago we set a new trend with the integration of the smartphone into our vehicles, and Apple and Google have picked it up,” according to Prof Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “We offer our customers an ideal in-car infotainment system. We are constantly developing the connected car with the latest technologies available, so that every Mercedes-Benz driver can use their smartphone in the car in full comfort and safety.”

Volvo noted earlier that it has a system to allow its own content and Apple’s CarPlay content to coexist on the same display, but it’s unclear exactly how CarPlay will integrate with Android-based systems and existing in-car systems. From the images above (and below) from Mercedes, we see that it will offer many of its own Mercedes-Benz apps like COMAND through the CarPlay UI.

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24 Responses to “Mercedes-Benz gives us a look at Apple’s CarPlay in new C-Class [Gallery]”

  1. Car related tech will always have horrible interfaces no metter what…


  2. i like the new c class… is this iPad removable?


  3. thejuanald says:

    CarPlay sounds like something you shouldn’t be doing while driving.


    • rahhbriley says:

      Not sure if this is the element you’re getting at…but I was a little surprised by the new branding moniker. Anything with the word “play” in it doesn’t give you an image of safety, but that of fun and play, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Though, I’m assuming its CarPlay branding is a play on AirPlay, I think they could have done better. I get if iOS in the Car was wordy, and EyesFree may have been an inaccurate description of the sum of all features…but really CarPlay?! I’ve second guessed other branded names from Apple in the past; those have begun to sound proper and I can stand they way they roll off the tongue finally, but this one I think has some interesting connotations that come along with it.

      I think the system as a whole is fine to do while driving, if that’s what you were getting at…I don’t agree.


  4. rahhbriley says:

    Does that display look like a tablet Apple would sue Samsung over? Just asking.


  5. Are you serious? That’s from Mercedes? An iPad wannabe stuck to the dash. My next vehicle will be a Tesla.


    • dcj001 says:

      I use a T-Mobile 4G iPad (200MB of data per 30 days free) stuck to my dashboard (with velcro), and it rocks. The iPad’s music is played through the stereo via Bluetooth, the TomTom USA GPS app is terrific, and I have internet access, which allows me to use Siri. And, when I am not in my car, the iPad goes wherever I go, including in other vehicles. You cannot do that with Carplay.


  6. I’m excited about this! I hope that the display won’t only be limited to new, factory in-dash installations. I hope that an iPad Mini could be used as the display. Aftermarket customizers will go crazy if that were the case.

    The display itself seems pretty, um, rudimentary and unexciting. Hopefully that will get better with time.


    • PMZanetti says:

      The entire initiative is rudimentary and unexciting because the display lacks all of the Apple touch and consideration. This is iOS, beamed onto whatever shitty 1990’s touch screen display the car makers deem worthy of their vehicle.


  7. It looks like this is another market that Android is going to beat Apple in. Low cost Android in-car systems are already available. Apple should offer full systems specific to lots of average priced vehicles and not just high-end rides. I wish Apple would get into some market where it doesn’t have to face free Android OS head-on.


  8. Andy Munitz says:

    ok so here’s my question….will existing Mercedes-Benz vehicles like my new 2014 C class be able to work with CarPlay? If so… i would guess that It would cost a tremendous amount to have it installed.


  9. They should have named it iPlay or iCar or iPanel


  10. A lot of people here seem to be missing the point. This is an option to access an iPhones basic app through your car’s touchscreen. It’s not forcing car buyers to choose any phone. Theoretically, Google could have similar implementation in the same car. Apple is just pushing this out first. (i’m not even sure that’s true) Wireless will come in the future but for now connections are USB which all phones have. Nothing is proprietary here.


  11. Greg Buser says:

    I can’t wait until I can play Angry Birds while driving 75 mph in freeway traffic.


  12. Len Williams says:

    The display integration into the dashboard is horrible. It looks like an afterthought that was just tacked on at the last minute–not something Mercedes is known for. Where’s the in-dash integration to make it look like it’s actually part of the car? If the display were able to retract into the dash when not in use, then I could see the value of its looking like an iPad glued to the top of the heat/AC vents. Otherwise, it looks kind of ugly.


  13. Indeed just a start – but look how old fashioned most car’s GPS systems and in-car entertainments look and feel. This is a good start!