Yesterday Mercedes-Benz sent over some images of Apple’s new CarPlay feature for iOS running in its new C-Class set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Today the company has released a new video that gives us a better look at the feature up and running in the vehicle. Some people have been not so impressed with Mercedes’ implementation of the touch display in the new C-Class. It does look like somewhat of an afterthought the way it floats above the dash rather than being built right into the console like in Volvos and other vehicles. Ferrari, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz are showing off CarPlay this week, but Apple expects many more partners to launch the feature in new vehicles later in the year.

(via iFun)

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15 Responses to “Mercedes-Benz gives hands-on demo of CarPlay in new C-Class [Video]”

  1. why do all the activities repeat for 3 times … ??? its irritating …

  2. dv8or says:

    That is about the most uninspiring demo I have ever seen…repetitive to say the least…

  3. This Mercedes user interface sucks. Why can’t you just “touch” the screen? Instead, you have to use their stupid mouse built into the arm rest. This is stupid engineering.

  4. rymc02 says:

    That video is brutal to watch.
    That video is brutal to watch.
    That video is brutal to watch.

  5. Damn it, they really should improve Siri first before releasing this.

  6. My mom says I sound like a broken record… No, I’m not! No, I’m not! No, I’m not!

  7. rlowhit says:

    If that is the best Mercedes can do to intergrate technology I may pass on that brand on my next vehicle upgrade.
    Talk about a potato on your dash.

  8. Chris Murphy says:

    This video is horrible and disturbing.
    “I won’t be home until late…. after I bury your body”

  9. gadgetbazza says:

    Well I’ll have to take extra care around new Merc drivers in the future… With that interface and amount of interaction they’re gonna be crashing their card like every day!

  10. Have to agree with everyone else here, WORST PROMO VIDEO EVER! Apple should have final approval on this type of marketing, makes Siri integration look like a total fail.

  11. alexemde says:

    Guys, this is clearly not a promo video but a B-Roll. Whoever uploaded it unedited didn’t know what they were doing. Not all bloggers are journalists.