A nice, new utility called iBetterCharge brings those 20% and 10% battery warnings from your iPhone or iPad onto your Mac. Rather than picking up your phone before heading out the door only to realize your battery is almost dead, the app will remind you to plug in with warnings that pop up as desktop notifications on your Mac. This is a handy little tool for anyone that likes to leave their iPhone or iPad out of sight while working on their Mac or people with multiple iOS devices to manage. It has already saved me a few times this week as I’ve been testing it.

iBetterCharge-02You can connect multiple devices, set granular preferences for notifications when your battery gets lower than 50%, 20%, 10%, or 5%, and also select options to play sounds, animate the menu bar icon, or show a notification. Another preference will let you get notified when a device is fully charged and an ignore list lets you quickly mute notifications for certain devices.

The app is rather lightweight and a free download. Once you’ve installed it, iBetterCharge sits in your menu bar and automatically finds your devices over WiFi. Note: For this to work you have to have WiFi Sync enabled on your device.

You can download iBetterCharge for free here.

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10 Responses to “iBetterCharge puts iPhone & iPad battery notifications on your Mac”

  1. Just installed. This is a cool app!


  2. Jared Weintraub says:

    Installing as well. So far so good.


  3. KJ Thornton says:

    Not working for me. I have it installed and working, but it doesn’t stay synced with the battery percentage of my devices. I have Wifi Sync on as well. It stays at the initial readout when the app is opened. I just finished testing it. I charged my phone up to 22% and opened the app. It displayed said percentage. I like it drain down to 19%, and got no alert. Checked the app and it’s still at 22%.

    Looks like I’ll be deleting this app very soon if it doesn’t get its act together.


  4. Installed but it only shows notifications for my iPhone and not my iPad.


  5. chris4sure says:

    A program on the device that runs in the background draining battery snooping your wifi trying to establish insecure connections exposing ports.