An updated version of the Starbucks app expected next week will add a shake-to-pay feature and let you add a tip of between 50 cents and $2, reports Engadget.

Shake-to-pay just means that if you’re on another screen of the app when you get to the front of the queue, you can simply shake your iPhone to bring up the barcode instantly.

The tipping function allows you to adjust the amount of your tip for up to two hours afterwards, presumably in case they manage to spill your second cup of Americano or the barista creates a particularly artistic piece of latte art for you.

The current free Starbucks app, incidentally, is Sleep Cycle alarm clock, normally $0.99.

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7 Responses to “Starbucks app adds shake-to-pay and tipping that lets you change your mind”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    1. Shake: the perfect gesture for standing on line, while holding or next to others holding hot coffee. They thought this through.

    2. Who tips at Starbucks?


    • Jonny says:

      From when I worked there, it seemed like 40-50% of people leave the change.


    • Brian Maxey says:

      1. You pay before you get your drink in the vast majority of cases and you never stand in line with a hot cup. I have never seen people after they get their drinks hang around the register either. Plus it’s not like you are shaking it violently.

      2. I, and quite a few others, do. I also tip at restaurants, when I get a hair cut, when I take a taxi etc.


      • herb02135go says:

        I don’t tip at Starbucks or similar places. I’m paying for the coffee. I’ll tip for service.
        Walking to the counter, stating my order, and waiting there until it’s prepared isn’t service.

        We need to stop encouraging tips for merely doing your job.


      • Brian Maxey says:

        I tip the barista, not the person at the register (though they do get a share when divided). A lot of people live off of tips, please remember that.


    • James McKay says:

      PMZanetti: Yes, Shaking a little is a helluva lot easier than pressing specific of my screen. Great feature!


  2. Bill Garrett says:

    If they’re updating the Android app, “shake to pay” is far more useful. With Passport and the option to select favorite stores, the card comes up automatically on your lock screen.