Starbucks Stories March 15

Starbucks offers free Aira app usage for blind and partially sighted customers

The Aira app for blind and partially sighted people normally costs anywhere from $29 to $199 per month, but free Aira app usage is now available inside Starbucks stores across the US…

Starbucks Stories September 26, 2017

Starbucks now lets you reload store cards with Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Starbucks just made its Apple Watch app a whole lot more useful. Starting today you can reload your Starbucks Card using Apple Pay right on the Apple Watch. Paying with your Starbucks Card was previously supported but was possible with the built-in Wallet app; reloading required using the iPhone app.

Starbucks Stories April 4, 2017

Starbucks today updated its iPhone app to add a new “Starbucks Gifts” iMessage app, allowing users send gift cards through Apple’s iMessage and pay for them using Apple Pay.

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Starbucks Stories December 7, 2016


[UPDATE 12/8: Starbucks is now official.]

Pokémon Go is teaming up with Sprint to turn businesses into PokéStops and Gyms as part of Niantic’s latest move to keep players in the game. The news comes just one day before Starbucks is expected to do the same while introducing a Pokémon Go-themed drink for trainers. Niantic has also teased out when we might start seeing new monsters appear in the game.

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Starbucks Stories January 19, 2016


For me, coffee at Starbucks is secondary to the great music you discover courtesy of your twenty-something barista’s Spotify DJ skills. The good news is you can now easily save those Spotify playlists for listening later through an update to the Starbucks iPhone app today. expand full story

Starbucks Stories December 2, 2015


You can now add Starbucks, Wunderlist, and LinkedIn to the list of iOS apps with features utilizing Apple’s new 3D Touch feature on the latest generation iPhones. expand full story

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