Google updated YouTube for iOS today to version 2.5 with a few new changes and enhancements. The bigger changes include support for sharing entire playlists (where previously you could only share individual videos) and the option to quickly get to your own saved playlists from the sidebar.

Comments have also received some upgrades, giving users the ability to reply to other commenters and create conversation threads. Users can also now delete their own comments and see whether another user’s comment was posted publicly or not.

You can grab the free YouTube app on the App Store.

What’s New in Version 2.5.0

* Share and like playlists
* Quickly access your favorite playlists from the Guide
* Reply to comments and delete your own
* See if a comment was shared privately or publicly

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7 Responses to “YouTube for iOS updated with changes to comments, improvements to playlists”

  1. What about multi tasking!?


  2. Finally they improved the comments…


  3. I’ve only found one problem so far, and that is that the Watch Later list is bugged out: I have over 100 videos in that list, yet it only shows 39 of them. And they’re not even the 39 most recent; it almost seems to be a chunk from the middle of the list.

    I know the videos I want to watch are still there; if I add a video to the list (that I know was on the list, but isn’t visible to me) it says it cannot be added. Adding a new video to the watch later list seems to fix it for a while, but eventually, it goes back to those 39 videos.


  4. Edas Haha says:

    Now at settings/general/background refresh there is Youtube. However it’s unknown for what purposes it is.


  5. ziongpham says:

    Worst update ever.


  6. I still can’t see a way to go back to the previous video. How is that not a needed feature?