Firefox today released the latest version of its desktop browser for Mac, Linux, and Windows and in the process added one much welcomed feature for Mac OS X users: support for Notification Center. This means that web apps and sites taking advantage of Firefox’s web notifications feature will now also appear for Mac users in the Notification Center.

Version 28 of Firefox also introduces a few new behind the scenes improvements including VP9 video decoding, volume control for HTML5 audio/video, and a number of other fixes.

Firefox 28 for Mac is available to download from the Mozilla website now.

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5 Responses to “Firefox 28 released w/ Mac OS X Notification Center support for web notifications”

  1. Chase Holden says:

    But still no HTML 5 implementation?


  2. ikir says:

    I didn’t expect this before versione 87.


  3. Tallest Skil says:

    FireFox was a dog by version 4. Bloated beyond all usability. I shudder to think what it’s like now.


  4. Omar Garcia says:

    Firefox 28 is the lightest and fastest version of Firefox ever released.