Fantastical isn’t the only app with a new version on the way. Realmac Software, makers of the popular to-do list app Clear, have been hyping the addition of Reminders functionality since late last year and expected to ship the update around this time. Realmac says its still fine tuning the Reminders experience in Clear and expects to release the update early next month. This marks the first time we’ve seen a shot of how the Reminders function will look in Clear (seen above) as well as a blurred teaser for the Mac version as well (notice the calendar date picker).

Realmac has previously mentioned that the update will be free for its customers when it ships, and today they revealed that the update will also include custom sound packs. The sound packs will be in-app purchases on iOS for most users and included for free on the Mac version. However, if you previously bought Clear+ from the App Store, Realmac is currently planning to let those customers pick up the sound packs at no cost in another effort to satisfy users following this episode.

The Reminders and sound pack update is expected to be free for existing customers, and we’ll bring you a full review when it debuts. Clear for iOS is $4.99 on the App Store (one purchase includes both iPhone and iPad), and Clear for OS X is $9.99 on the Mac App Store.


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7 Responses to “Realmac teases upcoming Reminders feature in popular ‘Clear’ task app”

  1. I’d like to make a quick mention that this feature/update was announced to the public and said to be released by the end of February. They then said it would be out by the end of March. With April 1st quickly approaching, we’ll see if they keep their promise. There are plenty of tweets on Twitter about it as well.


  2. I’d rather they tease us with a RapidWeaver 6 beta.


  3. PMZanetti says:

    Last time I checked iOS 7 has a Calendar AND Reminders App. Thanks for constantly keeping us in the loop and about Clear and Fantastical, apps that we seem to hear about every point update to, even though no iOS user needs them at all.


  4. aeronperyton says:

    Sweet! Clear is one of those third party apps that puts the stock apps to absolute shame.


  5. My problem with Clear is that you can’t use it well with a single hand :/ I’d love to see some of the swipe-back gestures from iOS 7 in it. One of the main reason i like iPhone is that the screen is small and can most of the time be operated single-handedly…