Twitter has announced a few new features for its iPhone app today. Users with the latest update to the Twitter for iPhone app will soon see the ability to select up to four photos at a time to upload when composing a tweet. These photos will be displayed as a collage on the tweet’s detail screen.

Along with the multi-photo support, users are also now able to tag other people in their photos. A new “who’s in these photos?” button allows you to add the username of other people in the picture. Photo tags won’t take up any characters in the body of the tweet, so the full character count will be available for composing a message.

Both features are being rolled out to users slowly. As long as you have the new update, you should see one or both of these features appear in your client soon. Twitter has also said that at some point in the future, this capability will be made available to third-party apps like Tweetbot.

Twitter is also planning some additional changes to the service soon, reports the Wall Street Journal. After canning its #music app last week, the company plans to revamp its music offering to revolve more around conversation than streaming.

Twitter is also reportedly working on a way to offer “bite-sized music videos,” which could tie into the video service the company has been working on recently. When those changes will go public—let along hit mobile apps—is still unknown.

Twitter for iPhone is a free download on the iOS App Store.

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4 Responses to “Twitter announces photo tagging, multiple photo uploads per tweet rolling out to iPhone users”

  1. Looking forward to seeing how people use the new features!


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  3. Ah the Posterous integration continues…