Remember the good ol’ days when FaceTime wasn’t included with each Mac? Back then, you had to download a bit of software from the Mac App Store in order to make video calls to iPhone owners (though iChat could still do Mac-to-Mac calls). Even today, that standalone app is still available on the Mac App Store for $.99—and for some reason it’s still the #5 paid app on the entire store.

Given its apparent popularity three years after its launch, it makes at least a little sense that Apple updated the app today to fix a bug that could prevent users from connecting to FaceTime calls. Of course, if you’re on anything newer than Snow Leopard, you don’t need this update, but anyone still running OS X 10.6 who already purchased the app can get the free update to resolve the problem.

For Snow Leopard users who haven’t already made the purchase, the app is $.99 on the Mac App Store.

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3 Responses to “Apple updates standalone FaceTime app for Snow Leopard users with connection bug fix”

  1. ilperty says:

    This is great.


  2. What about all the morons who were saying SL support was over?


  3. Remy Leroy says:

    The previous version was working just fine on my Mac… I downloaded and installed the new version and it’s NOW that I have connection issues!
    I can’t connect anymore and I can’t find where to re-download the previous version…