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Auki is a new jailbreak tweak from Surenix and Benno available for iOS 7. This tweak brings a native style quick reply feature to the Messages app. Along with that, Auki provides several other features including a “Silent Mode” that can be applied to individual contacts, similar to Tweetbot’s mute feature.

When you receive a message, you’ll have the ability to tap on the “reply” button found on the notification banner to pull up Auki and begin composing your response. You also have the ability to use the quick reply feature right from the lock screen by swiping across the notification. In addition to its quick reply functionality, Auki’s new message popup can also be activated within the Notification Center by swiping down from the top or with a custom Activator method.

If you’d like to see Auki in action, take a look at the video overview below:

Auki’s features (via Cydia):

auki doesn’t stop at just quick reply, it also delivers above and beyond key features like:

  • Quick compose
  • Quick reply
  • Silent mode
  • Stealth mode
  • Smart iMessage/SMS detection
  • Custom Activations
  • Video, Image/GIF support
  • Landscape mode
  • Group messages
  • Message carryover
  • Contact pictures
  • Native look/integration

Quick Compose:
auki is designed to enhance the way we compose messages without cluttering Notification Center with extra buttons/tappable fields and to access it from all Notification Center tabs. With deep thoughts, we found the best way to activate quick compose—swipe down gesture. With quick compose, users have the ability to quickly search for single or multiple contacts (for group messaging) and the ability to upload media with your messages. It’s so simple, you can do it all from the lock screen in seconds.

Quick Reply:
Before auki, we would get pulled out of an app into Messages app to answer a message. By the time we finish replying to that message, we would forget what we were doing. Now with auki, users have the ability to quickly tap the newly added “Reply” button to quickly reply. With the help of smart SMS/iMessage detection, you will not get charged for standard SMS rates from outside your country. From the quick reply view, you get to see your contact picture, what email or number he/she sent the message from, upload media with your quick reply and away to go.

Silent Mode:
Do you have an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, husband, wife, friend or even a group conversation that you just want to ignore and not have to deal with? Just swipe left on the the conversation cell you want, tap Silent, and you will not hear from them until you unsilent them. When you activate Silent mode, the conversation will not play alert sounds, notification banners or vibrate your phone. This also puts you in Stealth mode so your read receipts and type indicator will be disabled for all your Silent contacts.

Auki’s compose box offers everything you’ll need to create or respond to a message. Within the dialog box, you’ll have the ability to enter a contact’s name, email, or phone number, add a photo, and launch that specific thread in the Messages app. I’ve only been using Auki for a couple of hours, but this has to be one of the best quick reply tweaks that’s currently available.

Auki is great because it provides a lot of functionality,without all of the added bulk we’ve seen in similar tweaks. Currently, Auki is not compatible with biteSMS, Messages+, or WhatsApp. If you’d like to check out Auki yourself, it’s available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $3.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

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19 Responses to “Auki may be the best quick reply tweak for iOS 7 (Jailbreak)”

  1. themis333 says:

    Pretty cool tweak, if you’re jailbroken.


  2. What would you recommend for a jailbreak? The only problem I have with jailbreaking is that I can’t turn off my phone or reset it without it going haywire. Unless they’ve changed that somehow.


  3. Does seem silly that this feature is available in OS X but hasn’t been carried over into iOS. I’d like to think that they’ve already thought about this but are waiting to add even more breakout features or maybe yet another overhaul of iOS overall.

    I’ve always been hesitant to jailbreak my phone but this tweak does like mighty tasty. I’m just such a chicken. I feel the same way about getting a flu shot. I’ve never gotten one and afraid that if I eventually do it something horrible will happen and I won’t be able to reverse what I did.

    Maybe I’ll try it just before I upgrade to the iPhone 6 just so I can say I did it.


  4. Please Apple, give me this feature.


  5. There are many tweaks that Apple should implement front he jailbreak community but unfortunately I’m beginning to realize (after 6 years with an iPhone and iOS) that it’s never probably going to happen. Their ideology for their OS and the way people should interact with their devices just don’t allow for it. They would rather you go into apps then be able to do things quickly without the need for a full blown app.

    Their ideology is more of ‘the phone and the screen become the app’. More than the phone itself is a tool, the apps the phone provides is a tool. That’s why there are many things customers ask for and just never get, they don’t see the phone as a platform that can be extensible and worked to fit your workflow. They see the phone as a ready built structure in which they thought of the best way that works for them and they believe that it’s the way it should work for everyone.

    Now there are exceptions… if there is HUGE public outcry and they feel their name or their reputation is on the line they will begrudging add or change things. Items like the notification center, better multitasking, cut/copy/paste, and the dated look of iOS 6 (not that iOS 7 wasn’t awful in its own right) comes to mind. When the blogosphere is going crazy with story after story of missing iOS features and customers are obviously and very loudly complaining; they usually act.

    The problem is things like quick reply, 3rd party keyboards, being able to change the look and feel of your device (some of us don’t like bright white backgrounds for everything and fluorescent colors), widgets (and the list goes on) don’t get enough outcry or complaints because on the one hand many have excepted that it’s just the way it is and stop asking for it and on the other hand many others still don’t even know the utility of some of these things and iOS works good enough to meet most needs so they don’t ask either.


  6. shareef777 says:

    Wouldn’t mind trying this out, but I’ve already invested in BiteSMS.


  7. Is quick reply available from lockscreen?


  8. How in the shit do you activate the other settings, it is supposed to have? there is no settings area in the settings app, and I can’t find anything in the messages app itself?


  9. codee95 says:

    How do you stop the QR function from lock screen? I don’t like that others can read the message and reply from my LS.


  10. wish it worked for whatsapp !