Chase updated its iPhone app today with a new design for iOS 7—nearly a year after the operating system was first shown to the public—and a few new features. The update also includes the ability to see and reply to secure messages from the bank, as well as the ability to view limits on your mobile desposits.

Other updates to the app include Spanish localization, improved accessibility features, and a revised frequently asked questions page about the app’s security.

You can grab the updated Chase app for free on the iOS App Store.

What’s New in Version 2.331

•User interface optimized for iOS7
•See & reply to secure messages
•See current Chase QuickDepositSM limits
•Spanish version available when you change your phone’s language setting to Spanish
•Improved accessibility for visually-impaired users
•Updated FAQs for mobile security

Our take? We’re in full agreement with the below:

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5 Responses to “Chase Mobile updated with new design for iOS 7, adds secure messaging and more”

  1. how did they mess this up!? seriously?. No swipe to go back, no back button labels so the back button looks uncomfortable and hard to touch. The even messed up a basic list view by making the list items a darker and more recessed looking than the background. I just want to slap the chase design team. It’s not that hard to make a freaken stock iOS 7 looking app. Don’t f it up by trying to make it different without knowing why.


    • Worse it that so many people are saying this is good!? jeez.


      • Those who are praising this app, are the same ones who praise the entire iOS 7 graphical interface. I cannot stand it.

        Blinding white was a bad idea of the 70s science fiction, The same holds true with hard contrast and using the basic color wheel’s RGB to make designs. I fear Apple has become infested with people who grew up watching the 1970s science fiction and it is for this reason that I liked Battle Star Galaxtica, but not many of the other science fiction shows of that time…

        Statements of Purity of design, doesn’t make you seem intellectual arrogance, it makes one seem insulting, in a way that turns me off to both the person and their product. That is why many apple fans end up insulting those with an opposing view,

        That is why I do not want to take their graphical interface from them, but ask to be empowered to modify it, so to have detailed textures and other elements that I call more adult in nature. I do not like having to stare at the screen and think about what a app does, I want to glance at it and know what it does without playing with it, or studying it.


  2. Would you like to trade checking accounts with me?