FitnessKeeper, the makers of the GPS tracking and fitness monitoring app RunKeeper, is out with a new activity monitoring app called Breeze. Breeze is simple: it takes advantage of the M7 co-processor on the iPhone 5s that measures steps taken and presents the data in a clean, approachable user interface. Using that data, Breeze reminds you each morning how many steps you took the previous day so you start out motivated. Its activity monitor presents total steps taken each day and summarizes the number of steps and hours spent moving in total.

It even uses the data to cleverly relate your movements to your ‘sprit animal’. I was a disciplined lion, for example, due to my movements in short bursts during the midday.

The app is more casual than other fitness-related offerings as it intelligently recognizes behavior patterns and makes goals and recommendations accordingly; it focuses on steps taken rather than calories burned or miles traveled.

I’ve used Breeze for the last couple of days and find it clever enough to keep my attention throughout the day as needed. The goals aren’t mountains; they’re achievable and based mostly on your current activity, and they’re pretty forgiving of days when you fall off the wagon (or become a super hero).

Because the M7 on the iPhone 5s is already catching and storing the last seven days of steps taken, new users can start with a week of data and it doesn’t impact battery life by looking for additional data.

You can also share you data in detail with friends through iOS’s built-in sharing functionality adding a social aspect to Breeze.

Its developers expect to ship close integration between RunKeeper and Breeze in future updates. For now, check out Breeze for yourself (it’s really pleasant for a fitness app) for free on the App Store for iPhone 5s users.

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7 Responses to “RunKeeper launches friendly fitness app “Breeze” for iPhone 5s users”

  1. wow. Absolutely beautiful app. I thought it’s just a pedometer, but the reminder and automaticaly suggested goal are brilliant :)


    • Ali Fatemi says:

      I don’t think its accurate at all since it meassures movement, what if when you drive a car, changing altitude and direction all the time and lots of bumps make A7 co sensors to think you are walking…


  2. Ali Fatemi says:

    whatever it is, it makes me more walk since I’ve installed it! So far so good

    Liked by 1 person