With it seeming increasingly likely that Apple plans to launch two versions of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7-inch screen, the other with a larger 5.5-inch display, which one will you buy?

Last time we ran a poll, we didn’t know what sizes were on the cards, so simply asked you to choose from a range of sizes. At that point, most of you opted for something in the 4.6-5 inch range, with only 7 percent wanting something larger than five inches.

Now that the likely sizes seem more certain, and you’ve had a chance to look at a whole bunch of concept images, we thought it would be interesting to see whether you’re still of the same view, or whether or are now tempted by the idea of a 5.5-inch screen … 

Use the poll to tell us your plans, and as always, let us know your reasons in the comments.

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131 Responses to “Poll: If the rumors are true, will you buy the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone 6?”

  1. 5.5 is to big to use comfortably in one hand

    • Wrong. I have an iPad mini that I use comfortably in one hand.

      • No you are wrong! There’s no way you can USE a 5.5 phone comfortably with one hand, you would have to use two hands. I use my 5S 99% of the time with just one hand and I’d never want to give that up.

      • Wrong. You hold the iPad mini in one hand and comfortably use it with the other. You can hold AND comfortably use a current iPhone with a single hand.

      • Daniel Husum says:

        I do believe you get the point, wich is you can’t use or hold the phone with one hand and operate it with the same hand. Without moving the hands position too much. I don’t believe your thumb reaches every corner with the same holding-position (like you usual could, easiely, with the first iPhone to the iPhone 4S).

      • I am 6’7″ and have reasonably large hands. I have been an iPhone user since the first iPhone. I am now using a Nexus 5 as “science experiment”.

        What I can tell you after 5 weeks of use:

        the nexus 5 screen at 4.95 inches is about 1/4 of an inch too large for me to comfortably use with one hand. Apple will sell a shit ton of 4.7 inch phones.

        5.5 inches is too damn big and impractical.

        While I am on the topic…. The nexus 5 is a pretty damn good phone. I still like iOS ease of use better though. But where Google is really exposing Apple’s weak spots is with Google Now. Very impressive product with no apple equivalent.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Honestly, how stupid do you want to be portrayed? I mean, really, man, you know exactly what he’s saying here.

      • I would PAY to see you have one hand tied behind your back, while you hold and use your iPad mini with one hand, while holding it over the railing on a bridge. See how much use you would get out of it before we hear splash.

      • Fil Aperture says:

        It’s a phone, not a tablet. I hold my 5s comfortably in one hand and use the other hand for driving, drinking coffee, petting the cat, baking eggs, typing on my MacBook keyboard, and so on. Try that with your iPad mini!

    • thejuanald says:

      Yeah, no. I have a 4S and a Galaxy Note 3. I can easily hold the Note 3 in one hand.

      • What about actually using it?

      • thejuanald says:

        Oh yeah, I can use it just fine in one hand and use it by pressing things with my thumb. I’d love an iPhone of similar size. The screen is amazing and blows away any current iPhone or even iPad screen in quality. As I said, it would be fantastic if the new iPhone had a similar screen and once people switched over, they’d realize just how great it is. Going back to the smaller 4S screen seems like going back to a CRT 32″ television from a 4K LED tv. It’s night and day and believe me, if it comes about, people will be wondering why they were so against the change for so long.

      • He will say anything to help support what he thinks or says is true, despite the fact that it isn’t. For example if he says he can reach every corner with one handed thumb without moving his hand around then he is lying, and it’s not something like you don’t really know if he is lying, it’s blatant and non-debatable. It’s embarrassing the things this guy says that are completely untrue, and he knows it, but will say absolutely anything to try and prove it or side step it.

      • thejuanald says:

        I never said this: “he can reach every corner with one handed thumb without moving his hand around”

        I said I could use it with one hand, and I can. My right thumb reaches the Q just fine with one hand. I can’t reach either of the top corners with my hand in that position. So what?

        I will post a photo tonight when I get home, then you’ll continue calling me a liar.

      • thejuanald says:

        Here you go:

        That’s a 5.7″ phone I can use to type with and view the Internet just fine. Now, of course I’m a liar and you’ll come up with something else to hate me for.

      • I agree, I used a Note 3 at a promo today, which they supplied. I was easily able to use one hand to work it. I also actually loved the stylus with it. I am an apple fan girl for sure but I was wooed by the size of the Note. It was light and I would toss my iP 5 and iPad mini for a 5.5 inch iPhone and wouldn’t need both anymore (I read books on the mini and I feel like it’s just a bit too big). JMHO.

      • You are forgetting a small detail guys.. The droid actual screen size is smaller than it is described. The screen size that is being advertised on the Samsung devices include the Home, back button which are not physical buttons but touch. So that “navigation bar” size is included in the advertised screen size so the “visible” screen size is smaller. To conclude the 4.7 Apple size and a 4.7 Samsung size would be notably different as apple does not “wastes” screen.

      • Fil Aperture says:

        I think we are forgetting about all those mutants out their with their 8 inch thumbs.

      • Fil Aperture says:

        What, can’t edit comments?

      • thejuanald says:

        Snk Snk, the Note 3 does not. I just measured edge to edge and it’s 14.5cm on the diagonal, just for the screen (that’s 5.7″).

        Fil Aperture: You’re going to ignore my previous comment right here that shows an image of me using a 5.7″ Note 3 one handed? I don’t have obscenely large thumbs.

        o0smoothies0o, so now you’re going to stop commenting on both of the comment sections here that you accused me of lying when I proved I wasn’t?

    • weakguy says:

      It can be held comfortably in one hand for me. However, it’s not whether you can hold it nicely in one hand or not, but can it 1.) fit in your pocket and 2.) let you do one-handed operations.

      5.5 is too big for a phone and I really hope Apple doesn’t make a phone that’s larger than 5′. For me, 4.5 – 4.7 is the sweet spot.

      • thejuanald says:

        I can say yes to both of those with a Note 3, and I tend to wear skinnier, lower rise jeans (man that makes me sound bad haha).

      • If they are planning on making both sizes, why would you not want them to make a size that works for others? They are addressing you needs with the smaller size, why would you not want them to make another size for those who want a bigger phone? I don’t see the logic in that thinking.

    • iPadCary says:

      So what?
      One hand computing STINKS.
      Makes the device seem more like a toy.
      Plus, one hand usage screams SMALL SCREEN/TOO TINY TO BE PRACTICAL/ETC.
      No: 5.5″+ is definately the way to go.
      Big enough to be useful, but, still small enough to be spaciously pocketable.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        You don’t comprehend the discussion in the slightest.

      • jonp1002014 says:

        Are you joking? Have you ever used a phone before?

        So all phones for the last 15 years have seemed like a toy?

        Do you know what practical means?

      • I want a phone I can one use with just my right hand, while I hold my coffee in my left, walking in congested streets. Anything larger than the iPhone 5 is too large for me and will not be bought.

        The iPhone as is, is ideal for the businessman, the worker who must travel and doesn’t have large pockets. A 5 inch screen, even a 4.75 in screen, consumes most of one pocket in any pair of pants. More so when you get a otter box case. (Because at 300-600 usd, the iPhone needs protecting.)

      • godofbiscuits says:

        And all those people using iPhones and phones with screens small enough to use them one handed have been practically using them impractically for years, just because you said so.

        Thank you, O Lathe of Heaven, O Wordprocessor of the Gods!

    • Disagree. 5.5 is NOT to big to use with one hand. The current iPhones are way too small and need to be bigger. Besides, who says you have to be able to use it with one hand? That is a Jonathon Ivy thing and is a logical fallacy.

    • True Hamza, it can be held comfortably but needs a second hand to fully control it. I would be looking forward to having a reader come with me all the time as my phone, my case I have many uses for that.

      Apple said a long time ago that they would not increase the size of the glass until the quality improved, they also said that one handed use was important.

      Glad to see that they are adapting to consumer wants, not all of us would put one handed use ahead of larger glass.

      • To all the “You can’t use a phone with one hand” people, here’s a different way of looking at it:

        I’d buy an iPad Air with a cell chip in it that let me make calls, and here is why:

        I want to have one iDevice that lets me surf the web (I have unlimited wireless, and I use a very small percentage of it, about 20-30Gb/month… think before flaming… 1000TB/Infinity is still a pretty small number.)

        Here is how I use my iPhone 5 with one hand: Press the headset button. Say, “Siri, call Amy” and it magically calls my wife. In-freaking-credible!

        Here’s how I use it with two hands: I am usually sitting, and put the thing on my lap. It’s pretty amazing.

        To the people that say that no telephone since Archimedes used one needs to stop and think: When is the last time you held a cell phone to your head? For me, it hasn’t been since I discovered the shirt pocket and Siri. Earbuds/bluetooth are wonderful things. Aside from pushing the button, I use zero hands while using it for the telephone purpose.

    • 4.7 is probably too big too. I hope they keep a 4-inch model with the top-of-the-line specs. It’s a great size, especially for a person to throw in a pocket on the go. I’m 6’1, and there is no way I could use a 4.7-inch phone one handed. A phone you can’t use one handed is pretty impractical if you live in a city. Not a chance in hell that I’d ever consider a 5.5-inch phone.

  2. will probably stick with my 5S unless there’s another killer feature besides form factor.

  3. Levi Weaver says:

    I’ll buy which ever model is more feature packed. Which means I’ll probably end up with the phablet.

    • Does anyone look to the past to get an idea of the future? iPad Air. iPad mini with retina display. Is there any difference besides display size? No. Will there be any difference in the iPhone 6 besides display size? Educated guess would point to, HELL NO.

  4. ifunography says:

    I’d prefer the 4.7 inch model unless there is some significant differentiating factor (other than the screen size) that would make it worthwhile to jump to 5.5 inches. It’s too big.

  5. call me nostalgic: I just took out my worn out 3GS, placed it next to my 4S and wondered about the 4.7” iPhone 6 rumor mill. While I personally dislike the iPhone 5(S) form factor I’m afraid that a 4.7” model would just be too big to fit my pocket. I realise that a 3.5′ feature phone with iCloud integration (contacts, calendar and mail) would be just about right for me since I use the phone mainly for calling and texting. For mobile computing, reading, surfing, etc. there’s iPad Air 9.7” LTE; at home there’s my iMac 21” 2013 and at work my full blown iMac 27” mid 2011.
    This places me, interestingly enough, in the market for a new white 3GS. Anyone knows where to get one?

  6. 5.5 is just too big for a phone. It’s supposed to be a “hand” held not “hands” held device. I’m used to texting with my thumb. If I want to text with both hands, I would use an iPad or a laptop.

    • Interesting, perhaps that is where some people get the one handed thing and others, like myself don’t. With my 5s I am always using two hands to type, I have been blessed with two thumbs and they work very well together. :) I could never be as fast with one hand. I also read books, etc, on my phone quite a bit (pinch zoom, pinch zoom :) ) and do not feel anywhere near comfortable to do that one handed, too much money in one hand to get that creative for me. Different strokes for different folks, not saying your case is wrong, just finding the other side of the debate interesting. :)

  7. I *think* I’d rather have the 5.5, but if it’s not out for further 6 months after the 4.7, I’ll almost certainly get the 4.7 first anyway.

    • rettun1 says:

      It would almost certainly come out in 2014, so I’d expect it announced and/or released around October along with the iPads (with a possible announcement alongside the 4.7)

  8. Edas Haha says:

    I prefer 4″ iPhone 5S. I have iPad air so bigger screen smartphone is useless for me

  9. Boutique says:

    This body looks really great ! I hate curved one :(

    • that body would be difficult to pick up off a flat surface… like a table. The iPhone 5 is already tough to pick up, unlike the iPhone 4. Imagine if they make it even thinner and then make it wider and taller so your hand has to stretch further to get around it. Thin and big is not as appealing to me as small and practical.

      • Jack Gnasty says:

        “Tough to pick up”. Seriously??! Talk about 1st world problems…

      • I have an iPod touch 5th gen. It is INCREDIBLY thin, and light, and that makes it astoundingly amazing. I literally was amazed when I first held this. I couldn’t believe they made it much bigger, but yet, lighter, and thinner, and it still feels extremely sturdy. The iPhone needs to become this, and I think it will. As for picking it up, it’s incredibly easy with the iPod touch/iPad designs with the rounded back edge, which if anything is what the next iPhone will be, not fully rounded edges.

      • Jack, Giving a shit that your phone is super thin is 1st word problem. More battery life sounds like something everyone would want.

      • o0smoothies0o, But the ipod touch is a bit rounded on the edges, right? I’m saying that the super flat sides with no lip to get your fingers under would make it hard to pick up. Yea, guess I’m thinking about user experience in a bit of an extreme but so does apple.

      • Greg you seen to think you know how batteries work. The engineers with extreme battery knowledge at Apple should probably be left t the decision making. How do you know making the battery thinner, or thicker, contributes much to the battery life? What if it is instead, a matter of the battery surface area? Everyone thinks Apple should stop making the devices thinner, and add more battery, but absolutely 0% of them, know a single thing about batteries.

      • Greg yes, the iPod touch is rounded on the back edge, not the whole side, like some of these recent stupid looking renderings depict. The iPod touch 5th gen and the iPads now share the exact same sort of back design, where it is slightly rounded at the back edge only, and I think it feels and looks amazing. I think the iPhone will look like this, if they round the edges at all.

      • ooSmooth, I think they’re going with the idea that a D cell has more mA/h than a triple A battery, and using that logic to come up with the bigger=better. Sometimes, different is better.

        (If you don’t like hot air, just watch the video. It’s excitement that stirs the imagination to change the way you think about the walls that are put up by our current thinking of electronics.)

        Jeffy (Electrical Engineer)

  10. muadibe says:

    So 88% if respondents are upgrading from current iPhone. This should be big. I’ll be one if those trading in my 5s using tmo’s jump program.

  11. I don’t like Phablets. They annoy me. The 4.7″ size is perfect for a phone and all Apple has to do to increase the screen size is get rid of some of that unused space between the ear-piece / camera.

    • thejuanald says:

      That would change the aspect ratio, again. That would be a lot of fragmentation and Apple tends to stay away from that as much as possible (not that Android doesn’t have the same issue and is able to make it work).

      Maybe they could get it to work by completely eliminating the bezel on the side as well.

    • thejuanald says:

      Not to mention that bezel space between the screen and home button/ear piece is packed with internal components. I’ve taken my 4S apart to replace the dock connector (a $10 repair including parts that Apple wanted to charge me $100, and then said I should just buy a new phone) and it’s a pretty tight space in there. The increase in size from the 4S to the 5 might help with space but I don’t know.

      • That’s right, you don’t know. You don’t have the slightest idea what Apple engineers can and will do with any upcoming devices. It turns out they have some of the most intelligent, and knowledgable people in their respective fields, working on these devices. I’m not saying this because I’m a delusional fanatical fan, I’m saying it because I’m a realist, and that is fact. I hate when people talk about things with confidence, that they know literally nothing about, it displays their arrogance, and lack of intelligence.

        The best example is reading the comments of completely ignorant people posting their views on climate change. With absolutely no knowledge of it, and a complete lack of education on the subject, they literally try to belittle scientists’ thoughts, and the overwhelming scientific consensus on the matter. Hilarious. Priceless.

      • thejuanald says:

        What in the hell are you even talking about? All I said was that my 4S was packed in the bezel on the internals when I took it apart. Now you’re telling me I’m insulting Apple engineers and I’m ignorant? You’re insane.

        Here’s a look at the internals of the 4S:

        Do you see how tight the space is where the bezel is? That’s literally all I was saying.

        For reference, here’s what the 5 internals look like with the new dock connector:

        See how the area where dock connector is? There’s a lot going on right there. The phones are among the best at utilizing space, and have great design. Why do you think I am bashing anything here?

        Also comparing me saying how tight the area is around the bezel internally to climate change deniers is completely idiotic. You’re being ridiculous and looking for things to get mad at me about that aren’t there because I don’t like some of Apple’s business practices. Their products (hardware especially) are amazing examples of engineering and design.

      • thejuanald says:

        Are you suggesting that the iPhone 4S and 5S have plenty of space in the bezel area internally? If you are, then I think your climate denier comparison would be more apt for you.

        I proved my point with those photos and another person also proved my point below. Stop taking this personally, like I’m attacking your beloved. I wasn’t belittling Apple or even saying anything negative about the iPhone at all. It’s amazing that they can pack so much in that small space.

        Now I will wait for you to find something I said in these last to comments to justify your attacks on me for no reason, just because you misinterpret everything I say as hating Apple even though that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

      • You apparently can’t even understand what I’m saying. I was stating that you were trying to say something about the bezels and space, like you thought something about reducing the bezels may be impossible. That’s known as not knowing a thing about what you’re talking about, considering Apple engineers know exactly what they are doing, it’s best to see what they come up with, not assume things are possible or not based on last year’s devices?

        Also my climate change comment was strictly about my annoyance with morons talking about things they know absolutely nothing about, how in god’s name did you not understand that?

      • thejuanald says:

        So you’re making assumption about what I said with no basis. It sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about. I never once insinuated that it was impossible.

        You’re being obtuse and you’re making wild assumptions. You don’t like me because I said a few negative things about Apple on the business end, so you assume everything I say about Apple is negative. Stop being so angry or you’ll give yourself an aneurysm.

    • There is absolutely no room for Apple at the top of the screen.. The only way they can change that is by putting the camera on the side of the ear speaker, and then have the Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor to the other side. To be able to make this happen (eliminate more bezel at the top) they would need to make the phone wider for the sensors to be placed one next to the other. And then at the bottom they can make the home button a little smaller or make the gap between the home button and lcd smaller and same for the gap between the home button and the remaining bezel below it.
      @thejuanald is correct, everything is tightly packed in the iPhone 4/4S, in the iPhone 5/5S/5S it is even more tightly packed.
      I used to be a repair tech and this is the only way i see Apple minimizing the bezels on the top and bottom of the phone.

      • thejuanald says:

        Thank you for validating that, but people like o0smoothies0o don’t want to hear it. It’s not like what I said was even a bad thing. They’re marvels of engineering, and I get attacked because I said there is hardly any space in the internals. Sometimes I wonder about these people.

  12. thejuanald says:

    5.5″ for sure. I still wonder what a 5.5″ iPhone would look like though.

  13. Phones, phones, phones, bah! I don’t want a giant phone, I want a smaller tablet. There’s a difference. And I want to be able to receive the one or two phone calls I get per year, on my small tablet.

    Most under 20’s “don’t do” phone-calls anymore anyway. This is one of the key facts that Apple is totally missing IMO and one of the drivers of bigger phones being popular because the last thing a lot of people do with them, is call someone.

  14. You forgot the option for both.

  15. Based on the ‘leaks’ the exterior dimensions (sans case) is about the same as the old HTC One. I had that phone for a bit before moving over to the iPhone 5s. The main reason I flipped from my S4>LG G2>5s was the form factor. Personally I was too tired of the ‘bigger’ phones. I wanted something fast, easy, supported the apps I used daily (not much just phone/text/web/twitter/spotify/camera) – basically any phone I picked would do that. However the iPhone won because of its speed and size for me.
    Looking at the 4.7, I’m still not sold. Like I said I had the One and it was a bit too big / same with the G2.
    I would have to see it live, and see if it’s -worth- the upgrade. The other issue is I still have unlimited data. I bought the 5s outright back in Dec for $600. I would have to do the same the with the 6 (meaning selling the 5s). Not sure if I want to do that either….. (yet).
    Typically, I have been changing phones (swappa) every 6-9 months. So anything is possible.
    The 5.5″ isn’t even on the table for me. Never liked the idea of the Note or any similar Phablet.

  16. I can say that if they don’t come out with a 5.5 inch screen, I’m getting the latest Note.

  17. Joel Henson says:

    I’m skeptical of the 4.7 size but that’s what I’ll get rather than having no new iPhone.

  18. If your listening Apple corporation, u can make that 5.5, but if the battery is still lasts 4-5 hours, ill talk shit about you guys while I walk around with a Note.

    • It’s you’re, and they don’t listen to morons that can’t adjust their settings to make the battery last longer than 4-5 hours (assuming that is even true). Try turning off the 4 million location tracking things you have going, or the background app refreshing, or the mail pushing from multiple accounts, or stop watching porn for hours.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Sounds like you’re just a troll.

  19. andreww500 says:

    If the 4.7″ version is identical to the 5.5″ in every way with the expection of the screen size, then I will probably go for that. If there are improvements over the 4.7″, then I will go for the 5.5″.

  20. I am curious about the 5.5″. I want to see how big it is. How comfortable it is. If it is practical for use with one hand. If it can fit into most of my pockets without discomfort. I want to see less letterboxing if any at all. If it holds true to all of those, then I would consider the 5.5″.

  21. crichton007 says:

    I’d buy the smaller of the two.

  22. I want a 4.7 inch iPod touch. I really hope Apple doesn’t kill the touch

    • Maybe these are iPods? Is it possible these have been iPod designs all along or is there evidence that proves these are phone designs?

      • It’s highly unlikely any of it is iPods. There haven’t been any iPod rumors, they may not even upgrade them. Also, the iPhone is the number 1 device that gets leaks and is in the radar of everyone, the other things are not leaked nearly as much I believe.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      I still think the 5.5” monstrosity would be an iPod touch.

      • That would actually make a lot more sense. Anyone that holds a 5.5″ display device to their ear looks like a complete moron. So it would be a lot better to have an iPad nano haha.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Bingo! The iPod touch in NO way RELIES on one-handed operation like the iPhone, and a larger screen (and overall format) lends much better to a…

        …gaming device. One to have Sony and Microsoft shaking in their console boots.

      • without radio and it being the same internals as new iPhone but in a larger body it could allow them to hit a good iPod touch price point.

  23. Jack Gnasty says:

    I would say the 5.5 is not certain at all. Apple most likely was testing both sizes and the 5.5 lost.

  24. As a person over 20, I use my phone as … GASP … a phone. The current 4″ models feel too big in my pocket a lot of the time. So, if I have no choice I would go with the 4.7″. Personally, I think Apple would be stupid to get rid of the 4″ models.

    I also don’t believe, and there is some data to back this up, that as many people want the above 5″ phones as is represented on tech sites. The two people that I know who owned Notes got rid of them and went back to phones at or under 5″.

    So, my hope?

    Apple comes out with:

    4.7″ model (iPhone 6 Pro) for $649/$749/$849
    4″ model (iPhone 6) for $549/$649/$749
    4″ model (iPhone 6c w/ 5s guts or just keep the 5s) for $449
    3.5″ model (iPhone 4s) for $349

    If they do come out with a 5.5″ model (iPhone 6 Mongo ;) ) my guess is that it will be $100 more than the 4.7″ model and this is the source of the rumors of Apple asking about a price increase.

    Also, if the rumors are true that Apple will discontinue the iPod lineup when they release the iWatch then keeping the iPhone 4s, which I am not so sure about because of the 30-pin connector and another screen size, would be close to the price point that the iPod Touch used to fill. It is also a very strong seller in developing markets.

    While I am also making wild eyed dreams known, I would love to see Apple finally step up all storage levels again. Make the bottom tier 32GB of storage with step ups for 64Gb and 128GB. The extra size of the 4.7″ should allow for the space needed, and if the 4″ models can’t handle that then only offer them in 32GB and 64GB options. I seriously doubt that this will happen this iteration though.

    • The current iPhone 4″ is kinda tall, especially with headphones plugged in. The 4s feels more pocketable and manageable in hand too. I really do think those dimensions were best (ignoring screen). But imagine if Apple not only still made that 4″ model but they managed to fit in the height of a ‘3.5″ phone’. How dope would that be?

      If there was an iPhone the size of the 4s but with lte, touch id, A7, and a 4″ screen It would be an amazing product that no other manufacture could make.

      Only problem is there are no rumors of this at all. Only rumors of larger phones. So unless Apple pulls a big surprise, I’m not very excited for future iPhone dimensions.

    • Mike,

      I think they will go 128GB. The iPads already do, and memory kind of does that whole Moore’s Law thing, so there is a strong case for it. This is one of those “time will tell” things.


  25. need to go with the 4.7 because I jog with mine etc and over 5 inches seems rather large to be used as an iPod/fitness tracker.

    • That is the role the iWatch will take. It is health based entirely, biometrics, etc. It will be absolutely amazing for that. Granted, you’d still want your phone in your pocket or somewhere on your person though.

    • My wife runs with an ZPeria Z Ultra (6.3 inches :) ), bluetooth headset, runners pouch, and out you go. Never have wanted to interact with my phone on the road before except to play the next mission from Zombies Run if I’m out for a bit longer and don’t want to listen to zombie radio. :)

  26. iPadCary says:

    One 5.5 incher for ME ME ME, please!

  27. Joel Henson says:

    IF they actually ship two screen sizes, the interesting thing will be to see how it affects pre orders. I know I would like to compare the two in person before making a purchasing decision on one or the other.

  28. Tallest Skil says:

    Since both are too large to be used with one hand, I don’t imagine either will be made.

    • You can’t say something with confidence that you don’t know as fact, and not come off as arrogant, and ignorant. I’m saying that as a tip. You have no idea what the iPhone 6 will look like at 4.7″, though you’re almost certainly correct about the 5.5″, that’s not to say that iOS 8 won’t incorporate radical adjustments for the larger devices, to enhance or attempt to keep one-handed use. Granted it hasn’t been rumored, and it’s unlikely I’m sure, but it’s possible I think.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>You can’t say something with confidence that you don’t know as fact

        So… what am I saying with confidence that I don’t know as fact? I know they’re both too big; that is fact. I imagined they won’t be made. That’s not saying with confidence.

      • It’s not a fact that they’re both too big. I just gave you a way that would enable one handed use for either of them, which is a drastic change to how you interact with iOS. For example, if they eliminate the need to be clear up at the top of the screen, for any input commands. Your thumb’s reach is literally the only limiting factor since the physical device will easily be comfortable to hold with one hand, just not interact with, with one hand (with the current iOS input commands). Like I said, it’s not likely, but it’s possible. All I’m saying is that it isn’t impossible to make it usable with one hand. Though I’ll give you that with the current iOS it certainly is with the 5.5″.

  29. Sure, bigger screen sizes are great, but for me, smaller and lighter is best for my pockets and one handed use, like skipping to the next podcast while I’m driving. The current iPhone sizes are perfect.

  30. I guess it really depends… I’m small, 4’11”, with tiny feet and hands. My current iPhone 4S is sometimes big for me to use comfortably. I will never buy any phone bigger than it. As long as I still can find phones for my hand size, I don’t care if they launch a giant iPhone.

  31. No. But that doesn’t mean I hate it.

  32. I want that bight sucker.

  33. Mike Wiley says:

    Yep. As soon as possible. Use my i-“phone” for nearly everything, and, unlike my iPad mini, carry my phone everywhere. A larger screen size would be very useful.

  34. sardonick says:

    I really wish the new iPhone would look as the one in this picture. I’m desperately trying to be positive, but based on recent changes that don’t align with my personal tastes, I’m not really all that excited for the iPhone 6. I do hope I’m wrong.

  35. I’ll stick with my 5S.

    There have been a few occasions where I thought it was a bit small for viewing stuff comfortably, but I do value the pocketability of 4 inches way over that (and I also have an iPad for that).

    For my tastes, a 5+ inch phone is too large to carry comfortably all the time (I had one at work and I gave it back and kept my old, smaller phone – HTC One S). A 4.7 inch phone… it depends on the screen ratio, but I fear it will be on the verge of being too bulky.

    A bit off-topic but one thing I hope Apple caters for is the $300-400 market. Apple seems too aloof to release anything in there at the moment, and the 2-generations-old 4S at $450 (mentally “almost 500″) doesn’t quite cut it, IMHO. I’m not suggesting Apple should cater for the bottom segment of the market as well, but the middle still feels unaddressed for.

  36. Of course it does depend on what Apple releases? If 4.7″ is first, I’d probably get that. If 5.5″ came first, I’d get that depending on how long between the two releases?… weeks, months, a year?…

    If both 4.7″ and 5.5″ released at the same time, would give me the opportunity to compare how Apple crafted both of them versus the 5.5’s already out there. It would then put be in the position of having to debate which one to choose versus Apple deciding by which model they release first.

  37. I would buy the 5.5 iphone 6. If you’re going to go big why not go all the way.

  38. It really depends on the screen resolution not necessarily the screen size for me.

  39. rettun1 says:

    I have an iPhone 5s, but I would buy a new 4 inch model if it had the same features as the “flagship”.

  40. One of the great feature of IPhone is its size, and it’s mobility, so I prefer the small size

  41. zeromeus says:

    I’d vote 4.7, but since I have a 5s, I will have to stick with my current phone until 6s, at which point, I’ll be going for the 4.7″ one.

  42. evilsteven says:

    I’m leaning toward the 5.5 but will need to hold both to really know. 1 handed operation makes a lot of sense to me but so do larger buttons and icons so I guess their are different levels of usability and knowing apple they’ll push up against the bezel or slim it down or whatever to make it as usable as possible also I find myself in the other category where I’ll one hand operate only to wish I had flipped the phone to landscape mode(duh) after pecking and re-pecking and to reiterate my point about usability I’m sure most of the “quick” operations you’ll need like answering a call or text will still be one handed. I’m excited for this iPhone gen either way! P.s some of the capabilities of the note were pretty neat if not a little niche but it will still be cool to see what ios developers can do with the extra screen space and maybe? Possibly? hopefully? More processing power and memory?

  43. Gary Conrad says:

    I have a Note 3 and use it with two hands. Looking forward to a 5.5 inch iPhone that I will use with two hands. Without reading glasses. Won’t buy the 4.7 inch iPhone.

  44. Effective size test.

    Test one. Stand in front of a mirror dressed in your business attire or dress. Now place said device into your pocket. Do you see any outlines? If so, the phone is too large to be taken with you to any meeting or to appear before your employer (any person of authority above you).

    2) can you walk no slower than 2 miles an hour with a book bag on your back, coffee in your left hand and using every feature of the phone with only your right (or dominate) hand, in a crowded street?

    Remember to factor in being bumped and walking around obsticals.

    3) does the phone fit into your pant pocket? The clothing I would be dressed in to appear before my employer, would have to comfortably fit the phone and my hand into my pocket. (Remember that the phone needs a good protector like an otter box. This adds a quarter to half inch)

    If the phone fails any one of these test, the phone is too large and I would be better served with a data land that can link to my phone and use the Internet.

  45. On a side note, I am unlikely to buy a new iPhone, until we are empowered to make user interface changes. Ive, has proven that his ideal interface is unacceptable to me.

    As the consumer, I must now vote with my wallet and buy a device which will enable me to alter the interface and add textures. I can then use this altered interface as an additional evidence of my computer graphic skill. Improving my employability.

  46. Depends on specs..
    Looks like 5.5 will be higher on the list (more memory, graphics, proc, etc) anyway, therefore it’s not about the screen size at all.

  47. confluxnz says:

    I find it laughable when people tell me they want a larger screen so as to watch movies on their phone… Umm. Isn’t that what a tablet / laptop / TV is for??

    Agree with the first comment – 5.5 inch is too big for me to use with one hand. Not to mention it may not fit in my pocket. I’d buy a 4.7 inch iPhone if Apple discontinued the iPhone 5s’ 4″ screen size. Hoping they don’t though, as I find 4″ to be the perfect size screen.

  48. anthonynavas says:

    I’m going to get the 5.5 inch one because I like to have a slightly bigger phone and I can use it more comfortly in my hand ( I don’t care what others think about it being comfort in the hand )

  49. I have a iPhone 5 and a Note 3. The only phone I have problems with is the iPhone because it is entirely too small. The Note is big no doubt, but for my needs of it is perfect. I rarely talk on the phone.