Martin Hajek has been busy again, following his earlier iPod Nano-inspired  and schematic-prompted concepts for the iPhone 6. Commissioned by French site NWE, his latest designs incorporate the more persistent rumors: a rounded profile, power button moved from the top to the right (for easier use with a larger, near edge-to-edge screen) and rectangular volume controls …

The main iPhone 6 concept (oddly labelled the 6S) is an extremely thin metal-cased handset; the iPhone 6c render shows a thicker, plastic-cased phone without Touch ID. Both are shown in the existing iPhone colors.

Check out the gallery below, with additional images over at NWE. As ever, let us know what you think in the comments.


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100 Responses to “Latest iPhone 6 concepts incorporate the more persistent rumored features”

  1. I still hope that Apple keeps at least one 4 inch model for their future product line.
    All that “we don´t have the screen sizes people want” blabla sounds weird to me, since they are selling millions ans millions of the actual size, so it can´t be that bad at all…

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      I’d like it too, but I think we’ll be out of luck.

      • Fitting a 4″ screen in the classic iPhone height would be way more impressive than this stuff. Everyone can make larger phones. I’m just not interested. I’ll probably hold onto my 4s or find an after market 5s if this ends up what apple has to offer now. Instead of a 4.7 and 5.6 a 4 and 4.7 would make much more sense to me.

    • They will have a 4″ version unless the 4.7″ version doesn’t increase in size by much at all. Sorry but I’m of the belief that Apple has highly intelligent people working there, and increasing the device size yet again without keeping the previous size would be incredibly unintelligent. Great idea…make a larger device to gain the customers who want that, but drop the smaller device so you lose the customers who want that (probably far more). I love when people say “you’ll still be able to get the 4″ though!”, referring to the fact that you’ll be able to buy the old generation…um, yeah turns out not many people want to do that (we want the newest specs, hence why they release these things yearly, now wipe your drool those of you whom I’m referring to). Assuming you don’t want a larger device, and want the same size device you’ve had, you would be unimaginably furious to be forced to purchase (or keep) the older generation, knowing it will never be upgraded to newer specs at that size.

      There could easily be 3 iPhone 6 at 4″, 4.7″, and 5.5″ starting at $649, $699, and $749 respectively. If they have managed to reduce the bezels enough to make the 4.7″ barely bigger than the 4″ then there could be only the 2 iPhone 6 at 4.7″ and 5.5″ starting at $649 and $749 respectively. Just my thoughts.

    • I think so too, and the obvious move would be to keep the 5s and transform it into a 6c so that people who desire the smaller phone have a model to choose. It makes no business sense at all to discontinue a big selling product in favour of another product that you don’t even know will sell. Clearly, there are people who like the 4″ size, and to not give consumers that option would seem to be sales-suicide.

      Personally, I’m expecting Apple to defy all predictions and behave in the sensible way that they typically do. To me, that means a single size “iPhone 6″ at 4.7″ and an “iPhone 6c” at 4″, incorporating “last year’s” tech into a plastic casing.

      Since the (later) introduction of the slightly bigger 5.5″ iPhone is similarly nonsensical, I believe it either won’t happen at all, or that this will actually be some other device like a very small iPad, or some kind of serious entry into the phablet market.

      • Nonsensical is your idea of iPhone 6C at 4″ with last year’s tech. Remind me again why it would be called an iPhone 6? Please think carefully. iPhone 6C at 4″ with last year’s tech. So essentially absolutely nothing about it would be anything that the new iPhone 6 would have, yet you’d call it the iPhone 6C. If anything that device would be called the iPhone 5SC.

        Let’s assume for a minute that there will be an iPhone 6C, if there is, it would either be 4″ with the latest internals with a plastic encasing, 4.7″ with last year’s internals and a plastic encasing, or 4.7″ with this year’s internals and a plastic encasing.

      • In reply to “o0smoothies0o”: Your post is nonsense IMO.

        All I’m suggesting is that they do the exact same thing this year as last (putting the previous year’s internals in a plastic case) which would have the effect of giving them a 4″ offering as well as the presumed new 4.7″ offering. This is actually one of your own suggestions as well, yet you say it’s “nonsensical.” Wut?!

      • It’s not one of my suggests, read more carefully. I’m mainly pointing out that you want an iPhone 6C with 4″ and previous year’s internals. Calling it the iPhone 6C suggests it has something to do with an iPhone 6, but your suggestion should be called an iPhone 5SC, as that is the only accurate way of stating what it actually is. I don’t know how many times I have to type this, but…. if someone wants a 4″ screen, they also want the newest specs, not the previous year’s specs and a 4″ display for those that want that. Hilarious. That’s like saying how about we make the 4″ with all new specs and then release the larger 4.7″ and 5.5″ with last year’s specs and a plastic encasing. Doesn’t wet your chips does it?

      • Chops, rather. God I love autocorrect.

    • PMZanetti says:

      It is starting to look like the 4″ model will be the 5s, just priced at $99, to make room for the 4.7″ flagship model at $199.

      I think Apple would do much better if they revamped the WHOLE lineup, and introduced a newly update 4″ model (with this same new design) and ask $99 for it…while also offering the 4.7″ at $199, and the fabled 5.5″ monstrosity at $299.

      • The people who want a 4″ don’t want old specs, that’s like a kick in the balls to them. What if they only released a 5.5″ with upgraded specs and everyone that didn’t want it had to get the iPhone 5S with old specs? See my point?

        Your second paragraph makes a lot more sense, but I think it would be $199 4″, $249 4.7″, $299 5.5″.

      • PMZanetti says:

        IF Apple were to introduce a 4″ refresh that includes the A8 chip and other enhancements as well as the new design….You’re right that it would likely be $199. But the price differential is not going to be only $49 between models. The 4.7″ would end up being the $299 model.

        And don’t forget, there were recent rumors that the 4.7″ model would indeed start at $299….and this scenario would explain why.

        I think Apple makes everyone happy with this scenario. Release 2 new models, one 4″ and the other 4.7″, both with a new design and new A8 chip…and price them at $199 & $299. 4″ lovers get the update they were hoping for at the price they expect, and those that want the larger screen will pay more for it. I don’t want a debate over why .7″ more costs another $100….every Apple product line is differentiated by size = price. Some lines have more differences between them, some have none (like current iPads).

      • There was no rumor that said the 4.7″ would be $100 more expensive. The only rumors said the iPhone 6 could cost $100 more. Considering the fact that all rumors are saying 4.7″ and 5.5″ then you can assume the 5.5″ will be $100 more, not the 4.7″. If the 4.7″ were $100 more, then the 5.5″ would be another $100 more, resulting in the 5.5″ iPhone 6 starting at $849 and $399 SUBSIDIZED haha. Not going to happen. If there is no 5.5″ then what you said is exactly what will happen, if there is, then it will be the $100 premium.

  2. Oh god the gold one looks horrible and not ‘premium’ !! The ‘c’ looks ok, though

    • PMZanetti says:

      Which one looks horrible? They’re inconsistent. In one shot the Gold is ALL Gold and looks pretty fugly…in another the Gold is just the trim, and the back is silver. I like that more. Besides I want black anyway.

  3. The real issue with all these concepts is that 1) they are based on some dubious cases photos, 2) they are ugly just trying to match the iPad mini design and the biggest issue 3) if Apple decides to go with a bigger screen they really need to redesign the way the springboard to allow a better management of apps, folders, and who knows, maybe widgets. The problem is I don’t see that happening with iOS8, but I hope to be proven wrong.

  4. iPhone 6c is very likely to have most of the 5s features including Touch ID. I can’t express how much I dislike the fact that the top bezel is smaller than the bottom bezel. Shame the diamond cut edges are gone, these roundings look cheap. The designer could at least put a little more effort in the spacing of the app icons.

    • dridots says:

      I agree and when you got rounded edges you are sure to drop it daily. Make sure to take insurance. That is why Apple opened up a new department so Tm Cook can see more $$$.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      “6C” would have all the features of the 6, meaning ALL of the features of the 5S. Pretty simple to understand.

      • rakinjannot says:

        You are both right and wrong. It depends on what the “C” is. The 5C was the plastic remodeling of the previous year’s model. If that holds true, next year will be the 5SC (God I hope they find a work around). The 6C (if it will exist) will come out in 2015, so holding these to next to each other is ridiculous. It’d be like predicting the 5 and the 5C at the same time.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>It depends on what the “C” is.

        Nope. It’s exactly as I said.

        iPhone 6 will have all the features, and more of the iPhone 5S. iPhone 6’s second year on the market would see it renamed iPhone 6C. Therefore the iPhone 6C, having all the features of the iPhone 6, would have all the features of the iPhone 5S.

        I hope with all hope that they drop the C nomenclature entirely and get over their idiotic names entirely. “iPhone”. That’s it.

      • You can’t just call it the iPhone and thats it. How’d you distinguish a previous model from a newer one?
        I still think the best would have been naming them a simple number. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 e.t.c. Simple, basic, everyone can figure it out.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>You can’t just call it the iPhone and thats it.

        Of course you can.

        >>How’d you distinguish a previous model from a newer one?

        The same way that Apple does it for literally every single other product they sell. Pretty simple. In fact, it’s even easier, as iPhone designs CHANGE more often.

        >>a simple number.

        Oh BOY! Can’t wait for iPhone 46!


      • I didn’t fully understand what you meant:
        “The same way that Apple does it for literally every single other product they sell. Pretty simple. In fact, it’s even easier, as iPhone designs CHANGE more often.”

        Can you please explain to me, how users can distinguish one iPhone model from another?

        Or you think its enough to look at the tiny print on the back “Model no. A123XXX” ?
        (That by the way won’t suffice for the average Tom Dick or Harry)

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >how users can distinguish one iPhone model from another?

        BY. SIGHT.

        Notice that every single other product they sell is appended with (Early 2012), (Late 2009), etc. Can’t be that hard to get.

      • By sight?
        Like to be able to tell and iPhone 4 and 4S apart?
        Also, how would a non-tech savvy person know which version he’d be buying?
        They’d go to the store and ask:
        “I’d like to buy an iPhone”
        and the teller asks:
        “Which version?”
        “Just an iPhone”
        “Yeah, but which version would you like?”
        “Oh I don’t know, Apples site just says ‘iPhone’ so thats what I want”
        “Okey dokey…..heres one” (and hands the customer a previous years iPhone)

        So I don’t think “by sight” would work for every Tom Dick and Harry as I previously said.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>“Which version?”
        >>“Just an iPhone”

        Except when asked that question, no one is stupid enough to reply in that way. You’d say “Oh! Well, what’s the difference?” BOOM. INSTANTLY EXPLAINED. NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO COMPREHEND.

        “I want a MacBook.”
        “Which one?”
        “Just a MacBook.”

        No one is stupid enough to do that.

      • That makes sense, but I bet many pensioners wouldn’t ask 1000 questions.

        Ok, that aside, how’d you explain if you sold your old one in classifieds section?
        You see, its not as simple as that.
        At least my numbering system, though awkward at iPhone 46 as you wrote, still makes more sense than the nonsense that is 5, 5C, 5S

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >You see, its not as simple as that.

        For sale: iPhone. Released 2015. 64GB. iOS 11 installed, fully updated.

        Seems pretty simple to me.

      • Perhaps. It would make sense. Probably the same as selling an iMac:
        “Model medio 2010 blah blah”

        Yeah, lets have it called iPhone and thats it!
        Better than the current naming scheme.
        I hope they don’t call the next one iPhone Air or something stupid….

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Oh dear heavens, anything but “Air” and “Pro”…

    • PMZanetti says:

      On the hand, I’m ecstatic that the horrific diamond cut edges are gone. They may look shiny at first, but they were always uncomfortable to hold, and thats BEFORE you bump it into anything and the sharp, raw metal right beneath that polish becomes exposed. It was one of the nicest looking and completely impractical designs they’ve ever done.

      I can tell they realized that, and are taking a much more sensible approach with this design.

      • I’m not going to comment on your opinion about chamfered edges, but it’s absolutely hilarious that you you are saying they are gone like you know it for a fact, or like these renderings are the device. That’s sad no offense.

      • PMZanetti says:

        Unlike you I have been paying attention to the leaks and rumors…and have been around long enough to know when something is legit and when something is bogus.

        This design is not 100% accurate, but absolutely reflects, in large part, what the new design will look like. There have been many detailed leaks that correspond. The iPhone is getting rounded edges, whether you like it or not.

      • The edges will not be rounded like this. The back edge will be rounded like it is on the iPads and iPod, NOT the entire edge like it is here. Ive wouldn’t allow this design for anything.

  5. markroder says:

    Apple is going all out on Touch ID verified payment, there will be new iPhone without Touch ID.

  6. I am sorry, But i am not really impressed with these mockups. The iPhone 6S gold looks horrible !!! I am sure Apple has better designers and they would come up with something very beautiful yet very simple 😊

  7. Why are people who do these renderings so obscenely stupid? That’s really my main question. Let’s make renders of not the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6S!! Brilliant! Not only is that not the next iPhone, but that is the iteration they make absolutely no physical design changes to, the amount of stupid is so bittersweet.

    Anyway, aside from that, the renders are absolutely hideous and again, the stupidity is in full force because Apple would NEVER round the entire edges like that. Seriously, the people making these renders are so stupid that they don’t even know that Apple will either make it exactly like the iPads and iPod touch edges, or not round the edges at all? It will also have chamfered edges, that’s literally not debatable. One final thing; what is going on with the antennas on the back? What they miraculously just make a plastic line now? Unless they are using liquid metal, I’m fairly sure the back will look the same as it has since the iPhone 5.

  8. Jamey Howard says:

    If anyone from Apple’s design team happens to read these comments, please, please, please for the love of God do not make the phone look like this mock-up. It looks like a bumper car, like a kid’s toy with inflatable barriers around the edge in case it gets dropped. The rounded edges are awful and yes, I agree with a previous commenter about the fact that the top bezel is smaller than the bottom one, that’s hideous. I’d rather the top bezel was increased in size to match just for the symetry alone. But the main point is those rounded edges, they’re making me want to throw up. Heinous.

  9. I think they are going to keep the polished edges on the front like the iPad air and iPad mini currently have, the curve on front looks like shit.

  10. Whether it’s a biased wish on my part but I highly doubt they’ll look anything like this. And it obviously will not be called the 6s

  11. thejuanald says:

    If this comes to fruition, I hope Samsung patented the power button on the side of the phone feature, or else Apple will try to and Apple will try suing.

    • mockery17 says:

      Your idiocy is on full display.

      • thejuanald says:

        Patenting rectangles with a rounded edge is idiocy on full display. I love my iPhone but Apple is ridiculous with their patent litigation.

    • Apple made a design which Samsung blatantly copied, down to the app icon layout. That’s worth suing. A power button on the side of the device isn’t something you can even patent I don’t think. Patents have requirements. A power button on the side of the device is something that is obvious to a child, ergo it’s not something you can say you thought of and it needs to be protected. The same goes for screen size, anyone who says Apple is copying or following samsung’s screen sizes is either someone that hates Apple and is knowingly lying, or someone that is truly a complete moron. Here’s a hint: *whispering as to sound more condescending* Apple has been considering screen sizes for a long long time, and Tim previously said they wouldn’t compromise on display quality (this also includes other things he didn’t mention, like size of the device etc.) just to put out larger screen sizes. They may very well have had a plan for screen size adjustments for many years now.

      • thejuanald says:

        Here’s a hint: Samsung didn’t copy Apple design. Apple thinks slide to unlock (something they didn’t invent), quicklinks (something that they didn’t invent), universal search (something they didn’t invent) are blatant copies. They also think rectangular phones with rounded edges are blatant copies.

      • Look at the picture in this link and tell me they didn’t copy without lying.

        If you think that’s not copying, I strongly suggest you stop commenting because your idiocy would be better kept to yourself in my opinion. Sometimes I wonder if people maybe don’t have the intellect to draw the blatant comparisons and see the copying… it’s like the tests where people are asked to say what they see in a distorted image, and they can’t. The only difference being that these are clear and blatantly obvious.

        Slide to unlock? They didn’t invent the iteration they use of it? Where are your facts? Why did the patent office give them the patent for something that was already patented? You obviously know more than they do, I’d suggest you call them up and tell them…

      • thejuanald says:

        What you mean to say is Android copied Apple, and even then, that’s questionable. I like when haughty fanatics like to pretend they’re intellectually superior because they defend everything Apple does.

        And no, Apple didn’t invent slide to unlock. The Windows CE phone, Neonode N1m, used it way, way before Apple did.

      • Android and samsung. Look at the phones, if you can’t see it, I’m very very sorry for you.

        Slide to unlock? They invented how they use it, or they wouldn’t have been granted a patent. I guess logic doesn’t compute with you. Does the patent office just allow others to patent already patented things?

        P.S. I am not some crazed Apple fan that thinks they can’t do wrong, or haven’t. For example I think whoever decided to remove swipe back in the finder, should be fired immediately.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Shut up and go away.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Reported for death threats. You’ll learn eventually.

      • thejuanald says:

        Not even close to a threat. You’d make a very bad lawyer. I’ve reported so many of your posts, and had lots of conversations with the authors of these articles about you. There’s a consensus, everyone hates you and thinks you’re a troll. I haven’t had one single person I email about your terrible comments defend a single thing you’ve ever said.

        Guess what, we don’t all have to suckle from Apple’s teet to enjoy their product, and we can also find some of their practices less than stellar and still be fans. You give us fans a bad name.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Sure thing, kiddo. Keep living that dream!

  12. The idea behind those rounded bezels is good and gives it a unique look, but they take too much space still, space that can’t be used for internals.
    I think it might be a mix between both type of bezels shown in the images.

    • The rounded edges are sourced from one rather dubious diagram that was supposedly leaked. All other leaks, pictures, and diagrams seem to indicate that the profile will be almost exactly the same as the iPad Air, iPad mini, etc., which of course makes far more sense.

      As you point out this is not the best design (for many reasons actually) and therefore isn’t really likely to be how they are actually going to do it.

  13. Anyone who has followed the rumours and leaks knows that there is really nothing to indicate that these speculations from Hajek are even close to what the real deal will look like. I’m not sure why every tech site promotes this guy, he’s never been right yet. Or even close really.

    • Jamey Howard says:

      True. Normally when rumour stories are published the writers say who the source of the rumours is and (more importantly) they also say what the past form of that particular source is… Given the past form of most mock-up designers they should all be avoided. The only time they turn out to be close is when the actual body parts for the hardware have been leaked.

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      Concepts aren’t necessarily intended to be predictions, even though some sites tend to portray them as such. They’re just one designer’s approach, albeit one that aims to incorporate rumored features. To me, concepts are just entertainment – it’s interesting to see different ideas, and interesting to compare them with the real thing once it’s launched.

  14. My next phone won’t be decided by the size of the screen, but by who comes out with the better watch.

  15. Martin Hajek,
    Fantastic, as usual!!
    Apple must hire this guy to immediately join Sir Jony Ive at the industrial design department.

    Greetings frm Spain,
    David S. Matrecano.

  16. ashtraywasp says:

    Too ugly. Far too ugly.

  17. dridots says:

    Is this the 4.7 inch model or the 5.5 inch soon to be released?

    • It’s a rendering, I hope you know that. I seriously think a lot of people that see these think it is the actual device, or what it will look like. This is so far from true it’s sad.

  18. dridots says:

    Evan Jony Ives can’t help the 6C if they make another phone with plastic. It looks like very cheap Galaxy like phone with Apple apps.

  19. I don’t mean to criticize, but I surely hope the iPhone 6 does NOT look like this concept “art”. Its way too feminine and has no structure.
    Thankfully these “artists”(if you can even call them that) are always way off in there concept designs. A reason why they thankfully don’t work for Apple.

  20. ashtraywasp says:

    Barely any of these concept artists has seemed to get what the next iPhone will likely look like yet.. I think there’s only been about one designer, maybe two, who has. Pretty much all the rest have been awful as hell, including this one.

    Solely educated speculation.. but I truly expect an edge to edge display, no bezels to its left and right (which will look like some beautiful year 3000 shit, followed by everyone else vying to copy it); then symmetrical sized top and bottom borders, probably dictated by how big the home button is and a small mm or so gap below and above it, which will then be the same size above the screen. A 4.7 inch display, no 5 inch or bigger iPhone coming at all, whether at the same time or later in the year. A few mm trimmed off the thickness; achieved by the bigger surface area, the A8 being even more power efficient and usual Apple engineering brilliance.

  21. bboysupaman says:

    The only merit that I can see to the rounded edges is for people who drop their phones. The 3G/3GS was pretty good against drops. The 4/4S were terrible at taking a fall! The difference? Rounded edges/corners. The 5/5S were much better in design (the glass didn’t protrude very far as it did in the 4/4S). Of course, the real solution is to not drop your phone. I don’t drop my phone, so it’s fine without the rounded edges for me. =)

  22. kandrade18 says:

    This is good information but you guys should work on the battery or usage of iPhone extend more time.

  23. PMZanetti says:

    Pretty sure I like absolutely everything about what I’m seeing there.

  24. rtdunham says:

    I thought one advantage of a bigger screen would be to allow an additional row of app/folder icons. No?

    • How many apps do you want on one page? 100? Do you think the iPad should have the same app spacing as the iPhone to fit dozens more apps? Seriously??

    • PMZanetti says:

      How is that in ANY way a reason to make the screen bigger? The ONLY reason to make the screen bigger is to make the UI larger and easier to see across the board.

      Did the iPad keep iPhone-size icons and allow a hundred on one page? No. It scaled them up to a point, while adding about 1 more column/row depending on orientation.

      And the 4.7″ is not so much larger than the 4″ to justify more icons per page.

  25. The iPhone 6c and 6s will be available next year. Let’s begin with the iPhone 6, please.

  26. I can see the lawsuits now if the side lock button was a reality.

  27. driverbenji says:

    iPhone 6c?? Uh, yeah, no, not happening, just an iPhone 6, no s, that’s next year, no c either, the 5c will move into the entry-level slot where 4s is now, 4s will be dropped (at least for most countries). Apple doesn’t manufacture a form factor for only one year, but 3-4 years. If they do a 6c it will not be this year, if at all. I think it may look more like a smaller iPad mini than these pics.

  28. so how much will one of that babies cost!