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If you’re in Australia, you’ll have a difficult time buying a new MacBook Air right now from Apple’s official online store. Apple has thrown up the “currently unavailable” label on the MacBook Air line, and it’s unclear when the machines will be available again for sale from the Australian store.

Readers have informed us the Airs have been temporarily pulled because of a pricing glitch in the online store that allowed customers to purchase a MacBook Air with unlimited built-to-order customizations for the price of each corresponding base model. It’s unclear if Apple will honor custom orders at the base prices. We’ll update when the Airs are once again available from the Australian Apple Online Store. Other countries do not seem affected.

Update: The same glitch appears to be affecting the New Zealand store. Unlike the Australian store, however, the glitch in New Zealand store affected the entire MacBook lineup.

Update 2: The glitch seems to be fixed on both the Australia and New Zealand stores. All affected computers are once again available for purchase.

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4 Responses to “New MacBook Air temporarily unavailable from Australian Apple Online Store due to price glitch (Update: fixed)”

  1. That has happened to me before here in the US