I’ve written about apps from Squirrels in the past. It makes the AirParrot and Reflection apps that let you mirror your Mac or PC screen to an Apple TV or your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch screen to a Mac or PC. Today it’s launching a new product that utilizes technology from both of those previous apps called ‘Slingshot.’ The cross-platform apps let you share your iOS screen with others on iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, or Android, and provides some slick collaboration tools in the process:

Slingshot will allow users to share their iPad®, iPhone®and iPod® screens to anyone else in a Slingshot session. Mac® and PC screens can also be shared and viewed by anyone in a session — including those on iOS and Android devices. “Slingshot users can mirror their phone screen to a computer or even another user on a phone,” Stanfill said. “We designed Slingshot to work with the most common phones, tablets and computers.”

While the screen sharing functionality is the main feature of the app, the company has also built it to be a full on chat and collaboration tool. “Collaborative notes in real time, and instant file sharing shares files with everyone in a session regardless of the device they’re using. Video, audio and text chat are available across all devices, too.”

The service has a 30 day free trial but will cost you $9.99 a month after that with more expensive plans providing access to features such as additional webcam feeds, dial-in access, and a higher number of concurrent sessions. The iOS app is available on the App Store now, while links to the apps for Android, Windows, and Mac can be found on the company’s website.

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9 Responses to “Slingshot app lets you share your iOS screen with others on any platform”

  1. ptbnat says:

    Instead of subscription, if it’s a one-time purchase of $9.99, I will buy it right away..!!


  2. Criminally Insane.


  3. sardonick says:

    Monthly? No.


  4. myke2241 says:

    the Adobe and MS Office effect… i personally i this model will fail because users don’t invest big like they used to.


    • shareef777 says:

      Except MS and Adobe are offering $300+ products for the same price as this app which normally would only go for $50 (one time fee). Subscription apps are essentially normal apps with forced upgrades to continue functioning. Don’t know how anyone would be willing to pay for that. Some companies are way overcharging. If this app would normally charge $50 (and even that’s pretty steep), it would be like I’m buying the app for every update they release (if they even release updates once every 5mo).


  5. This would be awesome but I can’t get the AirPlay portion to work to share my screen…


  6. computica says:

    I agree on the cost being too high. I could use this to support my clients and each one might go for $9.99 once, but $120 a year is way too much. $1 a month, MAYBE, but $10, no. Even LogMeIn for a full computer is less than this per year. And on top of it, I won’t be able to control their iPhone for them – I can only see them and tell them they’re doing it wrong and tell them where to press. I suppose I could use the App on MY phone and let them see what I’m doing and they can mirror the steps on their iOS device, but that might be a clumsy way of doing it.


  7. I haven’t tried slingshot as I am tied with RHUB`s iOS app for all my web conferencing and remote support needs. Need to check slingshot.