Apple is planning to hold an “enormous” iPhone-related event in its stores this week in order to boost sales, according to a source with knowledge of the initiative. Beginning May 8th, the source said, Apple will be contacting upgrade-eligible iPhone users with older iPhone models via email to come into their local Apple Store to update to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c…

This program blends nicely with Apple’s Apple Store-based iPhone hardware trade-in program, which allows customers to turn-in older iPhone models to purchase a new model at a discounted price. Apple, in recent weeks, has increased the buyback prices for iPhones in its trade-in-program, according to a source.

This event will be held in multiple states across the United States, and Apple is said to be preparing for an influx of visitors to its stores on the levels of traffic driven to stores for new product debuts. Apple will brief Apple Retail management on the initiative tomorrow, according to the source. Additionally, Apple is said to be readying various other new marketing and sales initiatives to improve the sales of the iPhone in its retail stores.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook embarked on a significant plan to bolster iPhone sales in stores. Apple has executed this plan with new sales strategies, applications, iBeacon technology, and trade-in programs. This week’s Apple Store event fits in that strategy and will mark one of Apple’s first significant iPhone sales events in retail stores aside from the annual new iPhone launches.

Apple’s new Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts’ first full week at Apple will be this week, and she will likely be overseeing this new program with the assistance of other Apple retail executives.

Last month, Apple reported record iPhone sales for Q2 2014, demonstrating that the iPhone is still a significant growth product for Apple. This week’s sales push along with future iPhone sales tactics will continue to cement the iPhone as the flagship product in Apple’s portfolio. These new programs are also likely designed to boost sales as Apple moves toward a product transition to at least one larger-screened iPhone model later this year.

(Image via Flickr)

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55 Responses to “Apple plans ‘enormous’ iPhone upgrade event this week to boost sales”

  1. Not a “Gigantic” upgrade event then?

  2. Sorry, the only “enormous” iPhone event that will get me to upgrade is the iPhone 6

  3. anybody with a brain is waiting till september

    • Not really. Lots of people (me included) have no interest at all in the new bigger phone. Lots of people have a really old iPhone like a 4 or 4s.

      It would have to be a ridiculously good deal before it would be worth it though, and Apple is famous for only putting on tiny sales and not giving any real “deals,” so I’m not expecting this to work unless they are giving away $100 upgrades.

    • alvinguzman says:

      “Apple is said to be preparing for an influx of visitors to its stores ”

      Really – what can they offer that the carriers aren’t already doing? Verizon has the 5s and 5C 32g for $ 99 – why not wait for another 4-6- months and get the 6?

    • It’s possible they are not expecting enough units of iPhone 6 to be ready by launch so this promotion might be a way of bleeding off some of the pressure. The dedicated will wait while other may jump in now.

  4. Hell yes got to unload as many of these things as absolutely possible. When the 6s hits you’ll have to pay people to take the 5s…

    • Good, because that’s what I plan on doing. I love my 5, but 16GB is just not enough. I’ll be selling both my 4’s, give the 5 to my wife and get a 64GB 5 or 5s. I don’t care about having the very latest model or a ginormous screen, so maybe I can get someone to give me their 5s and $100.

  5. tijeladeacai says:

    iPhone will be dead in a few years.

  6. Was kinda hoping to read “Apply is readying various other markets…” i.e. perhaps offer the trade in program internationally. Oh well.

  7. What could make this such a compelling time to upgrade? Great deals?

  8. The only way they would get me to trade in my Iphone which has IOS 6 on it, is to trade me a Iphone which I can alter the graphic interface on. This means add textures, and detailed icons, removing the neon candy crush color schemes.

    • rogifan says:

      Guess you’ll be stuck on your iOS 6 phone until you move to another platform because iOS 6 style isn’t coming back.

    • This is simply another strategy to create inventory of previous incarnations of iPhones to sell in second and third tier markets at a reduced price. To welcome other potential ios’s aboard.

    • @roberthildenbrand … look forward not back. You will feel better, live longer, and be happier.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Get over it. No one cares. You’re the person still using an Altair in 1979 because the Apple II is “different”.

    • Robert Nixon says:

      You are in for a miserable existence if you insist that every design should be immutable. Texture and detail adds remarkably little to the user experience, as evidenced by the mass exodus away from such design features in contemporary app and web design in recent years. This isn’t likely to change much over the next several years.

  9. Rob says:

    4s owner – Waiting for a larger screen – aka iPhone6
    No larger screen with iPhone6
    I’ll wait till iPhone7

  10. Great for those looking to upgrade. After seeing so many mock ups for the iPhone 6, I wonder how many folks will be holding off to see what Apple does with it’s next iPhone.

  11. they must be expecting sales to drop.

  12. drtyrell969 says:

    ROFL…yeah, I’m sure they’ll be flying off the shelves with this website taunting every human with iPhone 6.

  13. confluxnz says:

    If this is in fact a ploy to boost sales of the 5S and 5C, then the obvious question is – why wouldn’t you wait another 5 months to upgrade? Even if the new iPhone isn’t released then, we will likely see many more leaks of the specs / materials being used in the new iPhone. Oh well, I guess the saying is true – a fool and his money are soon parted.

    • capdorf says:

      That depends what it is you are after. If you don’t want a large phone, maybe this is a good chance to upgrade. To something suitable, without having to restrict your phone’s memory.

      • rsnyder6 says:

        I’m hoping Apple doesn’t kill off the smaller phone entirely. When I was using Android phones, the smallest I had was my favorite, (Eris, 3.2), and while I thought I would like the Bionic screen size, (4.3), it was too big. (I kind of liked the phone though. The Galaxy, and in between size, was just junk.)

        For people watching movies, I can see a size approaching a tablet, but I don’t watch movies on my phone, so I want something I can handle, put in my pocket or on the dash, etc.

      • You don’t know that there won’t be a 4″ iPhone 6.

      • Exactly. People have heard (even on Fox!) that there is a bigger iPhone this year. A lot of folks aren’t going to want that, so this is the golden opportunity to upgrade to the best of the small phones before they are gone.

        The only 4″ phones this year will be plastic, if you want metal and you don’t want the big one, this is probably your last chance to get one.

      • Mr. Grey. I’m glad you work at Apple and can tell us these things with your extreme confidence. Oh wait you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. :)

      • Exactly. If the deal is even reasonable, we will upgrade my daughter’s 8GB 4s. She doesnt want a larger phone at all, but finds the 5S acceptable. My wife has an Galaxy S4, which my daughter thought was too big, as was my Lumia 920 (4.5″ screen) and 1520 (6″ Phablet).

  14. ….will this be only for “upgrade” iphone device, or buying a new one also?

  15. thanks, i will wait for iphone 6

  16. tpetaccia says:

    This just tells me we’re getting closer to an iPhone 6 rollout.

  17. herb02135go says:

    I agree that Apple’s deals/sales are seldom worth the effort.

    My contract ends in a month, then it’s “hello S5!”

    • You are so ignorant you must live in pure bliss (google it). The really funny part though, is that deep down you know Apple is far better, and you love them, hence why you come to this site to post. I mean seriously if you hate Apple I am laughing so hard that Apple causes you to lose time in your life by going to websites about them and posting regarding them. It’s sad really.

  18. Ryan Max says:

    How low will Apple stoop, Apologists can twist this anyway they want but its just totally pathetic see here goo.gl/JLzueu

  19. Omar Juarez says:

    This sounds so fake

    • I’m sort of unclear as to how this sounds “so fake”… It’s almost definitely something that will be happening, but as others have said, it may not be as ‘enormous’ as it’s made out to be.

  20. I think what everyone is failing to miss is that a lot of people don’t have the funds to pull $400+ out of their pockets to get the new 6 once it comes out. I’ve had the 4S for 2 years, and it’s an amazing phone, but at this point I’m looking for a nice-sized phone, with a decent processor, at a good price. And honestly, like a lot of other people, I’m not gonna be able to afford the 6 once it comes out in the Fall. So to me, if this turns out to be even a slightly decent deal, this is gonna be a steal for me.

  21. Adela Rogers says:

    What would you suppose would make an iPhone user “upgrade eligible”?
    Serious question. My iPhone 4 needs replacing.

  22. lambtime says:

    so this is not happening, right?

  23. Mike Holdr says:

    SO?!?!?!? where’s the sale???