Coldplay’s highly anticipated album Ghost Stories became available in its entirety on iTunes Radio First Play last week, and was finally released to the public yesterday. Now, Starbucks is partnering with the British band to offer a free track off of the album as its Pick of the Week. By downloading and opening the Starbucks app for iOS, the opening track off of the album, “Always in My Head,” can be downloaded for absolutely free. Simply launch the app and head to the “messages” interface, in which you should have a new message offering the song for free.

The album itself is available on iTunes now. The 9-track album runs for $9.99, although a deluxe edition is available from Target, as well. Ghost Stories mourns the breakup between frontman Chris Martin and his wife. Apple and Coldplay have had a strong relationship in the past, with the band performing at the company’s iTunes SXSW festival and at the memorial for Steve Jobs.

If you’re looking to have a nice cry with your next cup of coffee, download the Starbucks app now on iTunes and get “Always in My Head” for free.

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6 Responses to “Starbucks offering free iTunes download of Coldplay’s new song via iPhone app”

  1. As usual.. Only in the US. Canada’s always behind.


  2. Screw downloading the song, the album is well worth the cost.


  3. I downloaded the app, but I don’t see the offer? Does one have to be an actual customer, or do I just need to wait a few hours?


  4. Starbucks gives a free song every week… newsworthy!??!


  5. 남윤김 says:

    Only usa..?? not korea??