During its unveiling of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite yesterday, Apple mentioned that it’s adding 24 new dictation languages, but it didn’t specify what those languages would be. Dictation, a feature available on both iOS and OS X, uses speech-to-text technology powered by Nuance to let users input text using only their voice rather than a keyboard or touchscreen.

Apple has gone from just 8 languages (with a few variations for some) to over 30 in Yosemite. In case you’re curious if your language will make the cut by the time the new operating systems are released this fall, below we’ve included a full list of new supported languages and variations by country:

- Saudi Arabia
- Spain
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Netherlands
- Finland
- Greece
- Israel
- Hungary
- Indonesia
- Malaysia
Norwegian Bokmal
- Norway
- Poland
- Brazil
- Portugal
- Romania
- Russia
- Slovakia
- Sweden
- Thailand
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- Vietnam

Apple actually has 23 languages listed, but it appears it’s counting variations of Portuguese for Brazil and Portugal as two new languages. Apple also announced yesterday that it’s adding Indian, Tagalog, Irish Gaelic, and Slovenian keyboards as well as new definition dictionaries for Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Turkish Hindi localization.

(Thanks, Roman!)

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42 Responses to “Here are all 24 new dictation languages arriving in iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite”

  1. When you say dictation for iOS8, Do you mean that Siri will be able to use these languages too or just the little microphone on the keyboard?

  2. Oh boy, awesome iOS and OSX are going to have a language as Danish for SIRI/dictation – very nice :)

  3. Does this mean that Siri will get this languages too?

  4. Indian isn’t a language and Turkish Hindi localization seems odd at best. There isn’t a huge apple-only demographic of Turkish people in India or Hindi speaking people in Turkey. Any link for the full list, Jordan?

  5. Lezz (@Lezz) says:

    Any word on Siri support for the above languages?

  6. Where is Spanish? That’s weird.

  7. Seems that they should change that animated microphone icon as well, as it now no longer suits the overall design of the OS…

  8. Yes.. Portuguese from Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese, are much more different then US and UK english.
    I know I’m Portuguese and work with Brazilians :)

  9. finaly, indonesia language ^_^

  10. Apple might as well keep the two Portuguese variations because the differences in grammar structure, vocabulary and pronunciation are very distinct between these two very different ways of speaking Portuguese!

    • I know this because I am Portuguese. I do not like it when my iPhone forces me to write as for instance; “ECONôMICO” (PT-Br) instead of “ECONóMICO” (PT-Pt). This might look a minor issue but an accent completely changes the pronunciation in Portuguese.

  11. Nuno Sousa says:

    Portuguese !! Yeiii !! And not that repulsive language they speak in Brasil !


  13. Gabi Mar says:

    ESPERANTO is a language too, not of one country, but of some millions of speakears from everywhere. And we can learn it ten times more quickly than english (as a foreign language). It’s not only easy and regular but very rich and complete for convey all concepts. The only problem is political interests, that prevents its disclosure.

  14. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    日本語はどこ? ないの?

  15. I guess in iOS9 they’ll include all of those languages in Siri too. And they’ll put 10-15 more, just like those, in Dictation mode only, and then on iOS10… :) But that’s great, really great! Great development!

  16. Bravo for Croatian in the dictation!

  17. poldev says:

    Yes! Finally Catalan is here! Now if they could just change “Spain” for “Catalonia”… ;)

  18. I know on the world stage New Zealand is a small fish, but our accent is so different to American, British and Australian english we need our own dialect on iPhone and mac… I have to use british Siri but it is not perfect.

  19. Turkish Hindi localization, Don’t true. Turkish Türkiye localization. :)

  20. How about a Tajik Language Voice Support and Tajik Keyboard on iOS and MacOSX? I can`t understand Apple, for more than 8 years it is upgrading its software and adding more languages they can be minority, but no activities around the Tajik Language. Its easy, we-tajiks use cyrillic alphabetic characters with additional letters! APPLE, please think about this offer!!!

  21. Harrison Tu says:

    I’d like to know when apple will give us an Afrikaans localization, keyboard, and siri/dictation. So far, we have none of those things. there are a lot of afrikaans speakers (23 million worldwide)… would be useful.

  22. so if my language is o this list, i can’t ask siri (on my native language ofcourse) ” wake me up at nine”, i can only dictate messages? can someone please explain this a bit better?

  23. Akhirnya bisa ‘dictation’ di iOS 8 dan OSX Yosemite

  24. I don’t see arabic option anymore, am i the only one?

  25. Can someone with ios8 beta please post if you can initiate siri in say English “send a text message to ….” and then dicatate the actual message in one of the new languages?mthat would be super useful for me;)