Amazon has just announced that it is holding a press event in Seattle on June 18th. The company says that it will unveil a new device at the event. Amazon is also letting anyone request an invite to it by simply filling out a form on its website.

The company also posted a video showing reactions to the new device by customers. One person remarked that “it moved with” them and another claimed that they’ve “never seen anything like” it before. All the customers are essentially moving their heads around with the device. It is widely expected to be a 3d-capable smartphone, which the company has allegedly been working on for quite a while.

Back in April, a report emerged claiming that Amazon was developing a device with 4 IR cameras for a 3d interface, in addition to a 4.7-inch display and 2GB of RAM. While it’s not confirmed that it will be powered by Android, most of Amazon’s devices are, albeit with an incredibly heavy skin. Amazon is also rumored to be working on its cellular plan, dubbed Prime Data.

You can sign-up to have the chance to attend Amazon’s event here. It will take place June 18th in Seattle.

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14 Responses to “Amazon announces June 18 event for new device unveiling, expected to be a 3D smartphone”

  1. A smartphone with some kinda 3D is something I envisioned back when Nintendo unveiled the 3DS. I figured it was only a matter of time and frankly I’m somewhat surprised in hindsight they are not more prevalent or at least more notably attempted. At the time I envisioned auto-stereoscopic 3D but I’m interested to see what Amazon has cooked up.


    • J.latham says:

      I love Nintendo games as much as the next person but to be honest when I saw the 3DS announcement I never thought “this is going to be huge”. I actually thought quite the opposite and that Nintendo had made one of the biggest mistakes in its history.


  2. iPadCary says:

    Yet ANOTHER shitty droidphone but ooohh lookie lou: IT’S 3DORZ.
    So as soon as you watch the battery drain to zippo, you’ll have time enough, then,
    to realize Bezos The Bullshitter has reached deep into your pockets yet again! Ha Ha


    • Eli Matar says:

      Did you read his book? He is not a bullshitter. He is a pretty smart guy.
      Amazon Costumer Service… Have you ever tried that?
      It is almost, reeeeeaaaly almost Apple style.
      You never know until you see it.


    • rahhbriley says:

      I’m not saying it will be great, but Amazon is the one company using Android that ISN’T making just “yet another shitty droid” device. And Bezos is far from an idiot. I’ll hold my judgement until I see what they actually have and how it preforms.


    • whatyoutalkingboutwillis says:

      You can’t call it a ‘shitty’ droid phone if you have never seen or used the device.


    • towamp says:

      where’s your #TimMustGo tag?!?!


    • iPadCary says:

      @Everyone Above
      Can you Einsteins even read?!?
      When, oh WHEN did I say: “Bezos is stupid” WHEN?!?
      You just, literally out of nowhere, said I stated he was stupid.
      You just simply made it up.
      Being a bullshit artist doesn’t, necessarily, in & of itself equate with being stupid. In fact, one could fairly say it takes some smarts to be a BS artist.
      And as far as calling it “another shitty droidphone” without having actually seen it goes:
      MAJOR PREMISE: Android stinks.
      MINOR PREMISE: Amazon’s phone runs Android.m
      CONCLUSION: Amazon’s phone is a shitty droidphone.


  3. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Go ol’ Bilderberger Bezos building BS, look-at-me phones.


  4. I’m curious, but does anyone know the intended use case? I just can’t imagine a 3D display as anything other than a novelty.


  5. I’m not saying a 3D phone is going to be bad but I think it may end up like 3D TV’s, a fad, they came and went. 3D was great in a theater but not for home TV’s because it typically resulted in eye strain and a headache. While a 3D phone is cool it’s probably not going to get to big and that phone is probably going to need a massive battery to power the phone.


  6. The video looks like a group of people trying out the Parallax effect in iOS 7 on an iPhone.


  7. patstar5 says:

    If anyone can take on apple it will be amazon. There are millions of people who shop on amazon and there phone will be on front page. Interested in seeing it and what price will be.