Just a few hours after a report claimed that Apple was moving its TV advertising in house, the company debuted a new ad during the Stanley Cup Finals. The ad is part of Apple’s “You’re more powerful than you think” campaign and focuses on using your iPhone to track your fitness progress.

The ad is set to the song “Chicken Fat,” performed by Robert Preston. The track was originally written for President John F. Kennedy’s fitness program. The ad shows people performing a variety of fitness activities, including swimming and running. People in the ad are also seen weighing themselves in, all with apps connected to iOS.

A variety of wearable devices (no, not the iWatch) and fitness apps make an appearance. The Misfit Shine fitness tracker appears at the beginning of the ad, while a Wahoo bike sensor, Withings Scale, and Adidas miCoach Smart Ball also make an appearance. The Nike+ Running app is also shown, as well as the Strong Lifts and Argus apps.

Apple itself, of course, unveiled its HealthKit platform and Health app at WWDC earlier this week. The app ties into a variety of existing wearables and fitness apps to put all your health information in a central location.

The ad in its entirety can be seen up above.

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19 Responses to “Apple airs new TV ad “Strength” focused on wearables and fitness apps (Video)”

  1. RP says:

    I like it.This is why I think healthkit is a big deal. A framework that collects all the data from all these disparate weables and apps that brings it all together and makes it all cohesive. A third party could have come out with something similar, but that it is part of the OS makes it easier for all the apps and devices to come together to give you the bigger picture instead of there being a kinda of chaos.

  2. glock858 says:

    once again apple wastes its time and energy on an app that maybe 1% of iPhone/ipod users will actually use. God forbid that apple actually gives us their consumers the ability to customize their iOS. finally, iOS 8 is gonna be an epic failure just like windows 8….scary but true.

    • Because apple has clearly failed so much already… wasn’t the 5C a failure at some point? but oh my what were it’s sales #’s compared to everyone else?

    • RP says:

      I think you will be suprised at how people use it. I think it will be a far greater number than 1%. Not only that, until Google offers the same for Android, there will be people that will switch to Apple for this one service alone.
      That Google copies the concept in it’s entirety is only a matter of time. This app solves something big that only in hindsight does it seem obvious.

      • kobymac says:

        But weren’t we all excited about a single app, that pulled data from a single bit of new hardware aka the iwatch? That may still be the case, though not this year. I couldn’t see them announcing all of these partners, then in a few months going “suck it, we’ve actually got our own that will replace yours’. I think you are highly over estimating the number of people that will use more than one app, maybe two…which kinda defeats the purpose of a summary app. This whole doctor integration stuff will be guaranteed to not work anywhere outside of the USA. The manually input stuff is always a pain in the butt and only for the really committed. To revolutionize health, you have to make it easy for the uncommitted. This does nothing to fix that. Nothing at all. Without fancy new hardware, this is gonna bomb.

    • Yeah, God forbid iOS ends up like the fragmented mess that is known as Android where about 9% of the entire platform is on the latest KitKat 4.4.x while the rest of the platform is running at least a two-year old Android OS. Once Samsung transitions over to Tizen, we’ll see how much having major market share is going to help Android survive.

      • kobymac says:

        The definition of fragmented is what you dont understand. Sure, 4 year old android versions are still around…but 4 year old android versions have almost all of the “new” features apple just introduced. When Tim Cook says “android users aren’t using the new features”, it depends what you define as new. Kit Kat is still 4 years ahead of iOS . always will be.

    • borntofeel says:

      Fuck off you troll

  3. I guess some don’t appreciate just how big of a deal this is.

  4. With iOS 8 coming and new iPhones in the pipeline, no wonder Apple is advertising. Here are 17 other features of iOS 8 that will interest you – http://buff.ly/UdMn1W

  5. I am really looking forward to this. I have spent far too long sitting around doing nothing after work. 3 weeks ago I started jogging and cycling. I have just now been able to run the full 5km’s without stopping (yeah, not a big deal for some, but it is to me) and I have been mapping everything with nike+ running and strava and a weight app. I would love to have all of this consolidated into one and also be able to show that I am an Asthmatic in case of an emergency. The person who said “1%” of users will use it is probably like I was a month ago. However, even if it is only 1% (it will be far more), 1% of the iPhone user base is still a hell of a lot benefiting from this new app.

    • Tim Cleary says:

      Running a 5K without stopping is a very good achievement! Kudos to you for taking the first steps toward a healthier you. :-)

      I agree, if 1% of users are using this, that’s a great number of people. Though, I imagine the number will be much higher in the long run. Collecting data on your self is addicting. Right now not many do it because it’s so fragmented I’m thinking. Who wants to open half a dozen apps just to check your stats. Having it all in lone place is going to be phenomenal and so easy for the end-user.

      • herb02135go says:

        Congrats on taking steps to improve your health.

        I agree that people love to see data about themselves. That’s because it feeds the ego.

        I know a former Apple employer who is into fitness big time. His response to this? Yawn

        This is a niche market. What Apple has introduced is already available elsewhere, as even the major Apple-loving media have said.
        But perhaps it’s not as shiny.

  6. chrisl84 says:

    With the exception of the “Facetime Every Day” and “Photos Every Day” I have not liked this add compaign and it probably mostly boils down to the song choices for these adds.

    • Oflife says:

      What, you want some dumb contemporary garbage from Justin B or similar? The song in this ad is PERFECT for the subject, and amusing too in the context.

      • chrisl84 says:

        Yes the songs in Facetime Every Day and Photos Every Day are from Justin Beiber….good call idiot

      • chrisl84 says:

        Moreover, researching the song from this ad it is an old propaganda song from the 60’s for the government to attempt to influence behavior of a free public. If that’s a good song today I feel sorry for your iPod. Go sing Gigantic Gigantic Big Big Love to yourself.

  7. korkidog says:

    Wearable tech is of no interest to me. Just not my thing.