Chevy Volt CarPlay

Earlier this week we pointed out that several cars were spotted on display in Moscone Center during the morning of Apple’s WWDC keynote. While Apple’s CarPlay technology did not get a mention during the information-dense two hour keynote on Monday, it turns out those cars were used to give CarPlay demoes to press and attendees at the conference.

We already noted Ferrari’s FF model, which has had CarPlay support since the official announcement, and USA Today mentions that a 1965 Ford Mustang was featured as well (with an aftermarket solution offered by Pioneer). However, Apple gave USA Today a CarPlay demo in a Chevy Spark as seen in the video below. Interestingly, Chevrolet is noted as a “committed partner” on Apple’s CarPlay microsite but not included among automakers shipping CarPlay-equipped vehicles in 2014…

The CarPlay implementation shown in the video demonstration is very similar to models offered by Ferarri, Volvo, and Hyundai using the touch screen display (Mercedes-Benz, however, have opted for only using hardware controls). Seen in the video is a dedicated Chevrolet app presumably for accessing and managing various features outside of the CarPlay infotainment system.

While it’s possible Chevrolet is planning to incorporate Apple’s CarPlay technology into the Spark this year based on this demonstration, the case may be that this particular Spark is a concept vehicular intended just for this purpose. This could make Chevrolet the first car maker to ship CarPlay in an electric vehicle as it offers a full-electric car with the Spark EV.

We’ve reached out to Chevrolet to find out if and when the Chevy Spark featured in USA Today’s demo would be available to the public, but the automaker did not have any additional news to share at this time.

It’s interesting, though, that Apple opted to feature an unannounced vehicle rather than something from Volvo, Hyundai, or Mercedes-Benz.


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11 Responses to “Chevy Spark featuring built-in CarPlay shown off at WWDC ahead of announcement from Chevrolet”

  1. chrisl84 says:

    I wonder if the new audio imessages will become much more popular once CarPlay launches. That’s probably when I would find that the most useful.


  2. hawkeyemo says:

    Forgot to mention honda… haven’t heard a peep from them and they were in the Marques area with Ferrari, Volvo, Hyundai, and Mercedes Benz.


    • Zac Hall says:

      Yeah, Honda has been on my radar for a while and I’ve mentioned in the past they’re the only 2014 partner without 2014 news. Good point.


  3. herb02135go says:

    Is this one of the GM products being recalled?


  4. I so want to port IOS Shell to my BB Q30, this is basically what is going on, QNX is running the show behind the curtains of Apples smoke and mirror trick again!


  5. D.A.H. Trump says:

    Great but one flaw… Too much screen touching! Hope the “Hey, Siri” feature will come to carplay soon. THEN… it will be really safe.