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We showed you the real world meets iPad app gaming system for kids called Osmo last month as it launched a crowdfunding campaign ahead of their product debut. Today the team is announcing the results of that campaign: Osmo reached its $50,000 goal in less than seven hours. In addition to reaching their goal, Osmo is opening a second batch of discounted pre-order sales for early backs at $49 (half off the launch price) and promising extra incentives for two years to early backers as well.

For the next two years, early backers will be able to download the future apps on Osmo platform for free. In addition to free games, backers will also be able to replace any lost or broken game pieces for up to two years after the purchase of Osmo.

Find out more about Osmo and pre-order here to lock in the 50% off price and added incentives.

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