As shown in our recent top hidden features article, iOS 8 has a new built-in time-lapse camera mode. This feature will allow you to explore the world of time-lapse photography and capture stunning visuals. This is definitely a nifty little feature, but thanks to a new video posted by YouTuber iTwe4kz, we now have a good look at what this mode is capable of on an iPhone 5s.

In the video below, iTwe4kz shows off the time-lapse mode in various situations. The demonstration is nothing short of amazing and hopefully this feature makes it to the public release of iOS 8. What do you think about this new camera mode? I probably won’t use it very often, but it’s nice to have the option.

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22 Responses to “Check out iOS 8’s Time-lapse camera mode in action (Video)”

  1. Will this be available for iPhone 5???


  2. does iphone 5 support this feature?


  3. Can anyone comment on how this feature works? Is there any variation in frame rate? Does the screen stay on constantly during the hours of capture?
    More and more I find myself wishing I could prop my phone up for a self-timed photo or, looking forward, a time-lapse photo, but I’m not willing to carry around extra gear all the time.


    • Some Dude in NC says:

      The camera app on iOS 8 does vary the frame rate, but not in a way that you can set (at least, not that I intuitively found). It seems to make up its own mind about that. In my limited experimentation with it, it seems to make good choices, but I would like a slider or something.

      Also, yes… there’s not automated reverse of the time lapse, but you could easily do this in many editing apps.


  4. I use an app called Lapse it on my iPhone. Very recommendable app. Very customisable. However in my time using it I’ve not seen an option to reverse the video. I hope that is a feature and not an edited effect afterwards. In response to Clayton lapse it does have editable setting for capture rates, you can even edit how many frames per second you want the video to play back.

    The app uses a lot of memory however wonder how apple will get round that. If at all.


  5. castelbuono says:

    I use my GoPro3 for time lapse. Usual setting is 1 image per ½ sec. For 10 minute recorded time lapse that’s 1,200 images. And depending on resolution, could be quite the space hog on a 16 gb or under iPhone.

    Wonder how Apple handles the post-processing, or is this a User determined step? Also, are the images sent to their own album in Photo, or added to camera roll?


  6. Tony says:

    Wow. Love the melting crayons and the burning and unburning cigarettes.

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  7. wow, but how this works, i don’t know about it.


  8. Nikola Kuhar says:

    Yes, my iPhone 5 supports it.


  9. This and the slo-mo camera with my iPhone 5s have made for some awesome clips and lapses. They did great with this time-lapse.


  10. See another amazing smart phont controlled timelapse device in kickstarter, lets you control pan/tilt/zoom from your phone, and even change the camera settings during the timelapse


  11. can i get the original video? i dont know how to and i need it!!