Now that iOS 8 is officially out for developers, it’s time to start digging into the apps and settings to find out what Apple didn’t tell us. Sure there are plenty of new features available in iOS 8, but there are definitely other little (and bigger) ones that didn’t make it to the unveiling.

We’ve been exploring iOS 8 and finding all sorts of features and helpful tips that Apple failed to mention during the keynote, but we feel are important enough to share with you. Check out our top 10 hidden iOS 8 features video below…

Keep in mind, there are a lot more than just 10 hidden gems in iOS 8, but to keep things from running too long we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of favorites. It’s unclear if all of these features will make it to the public release as Apple has a tendency to remove smaller features throughout the beta period before a public launch.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that iOS is heading in a great direction. Apple has definitely taken the time to listen to the public’s feature requests. It’s a shame it took this long for certain features, but overall I’m happy with the progress.

Here are the top 10 hidden features mentioned in the video above:

  • Customize/Rearrange iOS 8 share sheets (Thanks, Ravirajm!)
  • Self-timer in Camera app
  • Time-Lapse videos
  • New accessibility zoom features
  • Grayscale
  • Request desktop site in Safari
  • Siri with Shazam integration
  • Independent exposure and focus control in Camera app
  • Battery usage (percentage) per app
  • Auto-delete messages

Which one is your favorite hidden feature?

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37 Responses to “Top 10 hidden features of iOS 8 (Video)”

  1. Shazam / Siri integration is not a hidden feature (it was talked about during the keynote)

  2. danbridgland says:

    newly added ‘Recently Deleted’ album allows recover of recently deleted photos from the photo app.

  3. You forgot to mention realtime integration with the NSA hidden app… :P :D

  4. Time-Lapse video will probably be my favorite.

  5. I’m starting to dislike Apple more and more. Why so many options? I liked the way it was.. so many settings.. Steve at least had identity. You want settings ? Go to Windows or Android. The control panel is so freaking great on the mac vs control panel at windows. Apple has lost it’s way.

    • I thought this was serious for a second. Lol. Then I realized that nobody is that stupid. Lol.

    • thathang3 says:

      I am inclined to agree. However, it’s all about how these settings are exposed. Are they hidden in a settings pane for casual uses, and ready to be found by power users? That’s fine!
      Do you need to change and deal with settings to get a reasonable experience? That sucks!
      To me, ios8 is primarily in the first category. Yes, some things are not optimal but the entire ecosystem and OSes are by far the user friendliest.

      • A good example of this is moving Touch ID settings to the 1st level in 7.1 or bluetooth settings before iOS 6 (I think it was 6, maybe 5). Commonly used settings on 1st level. Other “power user” settings 2nd level. I think they should re-label Privacy settings to “Privacy and Location,” also.

  6. rettun1 says:

    Time lapse actually seems cool, there are a ton of times where I could use that. I originally saw it on an s4 commercial and thought it was silly (which it may be) but I will welcome it to ios

  7. Nick Santos says:

    Hi Dom. This one is just to congratulate you. Couple weeks ago I saw a lot of comment criticizing you because of the mockups articles. I agreed with some of those critics. :) Now I’m enjoying your last articles with these nice videos about iOS8, so now I have to say: Congrats man! Good job!

  8. Frode Rise says:

    Still regretting at all upgrading from iOS 4 – currently running iOS 7 since my son upgraded from iOS 5 directly to iOS 7( without asking) on my iPhone 4 and it was a struggle removing all for me useless stuff. Calendar, SMS messages, e-mail, internet (Safari), taking pictures and calling is all that is needed. The rest just takes the power out of the battery and complicates life.

    • telecastle says:

      That would be a feature phone no reason to buy a smart phone for you.

    • Why not buy a chewing gum phone and you’re ready to go! :)

    • Dear God! How did you even find your way onto this site!? I figured you would be too busy typing away at a typewriter and adjusting the RabbitEars on your black and white television to find the internet! Congrats! Welcome to the future! Embrace it and stop looking back!

    • A) iOS 4? Seriously? Your iPhone will still do all of those things you want it to. You don’t have to use any of the new features (but I don’t know why you wouldn’t). Stop being an old curmudgeon.

      B) At least you won’t have to worry about upgrading to iOS 8. The iPhone 4 is no longer supported. Leading to…

      C) If your phone struggles with iOS 7, upgrade it. The 4s is your current free upgrade. I’d personally wait until the iPhone 6 comes out so you can probably get at least a 5C for free. If you had iOS 4 that thing is ancient. Your battery probably sucks. Upgrade. You’ll be happy you did.

      D) This is a thread about iOS 8. Nobody cares about your reminiscing of iOS 4. I don’t know why you bothered to post, really.

    • degraevesofie says:

      I smell troll, but to be sure: If battery drain is your primary concern, iOS 7 is *significantly* better than iOS 4 in that department. (And apps/features you don’t use don’t drain the battery.)

  9. Tom Lake says:

    If you can rearrange the Share Sheet, can you rearrange Control Center?

  10. We need a speedier MAC/PC/-iphone/ipad communication. Presently, my WIFI is faster then USB transfer. I have been recovering and restoring few iphones/ipads, 64GB and 128GB, which had full backups, and with the separate app instalations, it took me ages to do…..THIS really needs to be speedier. per 64GB iphone, it was 2.5 hours!!! I hoped lightning cable would offer faster transfer.

  11. So now that iPhone will have a Time-Lapse option and things like that… I just bought a GoPro for nothing :P

  12. anthonynavas says:

    The battery usage percent looks good to me

  13. I’m just curious DOM is it impossible for you to keep referring to Android? We get it that you are using one but who cares. If I was interested in the features of an Android phone I would be reading something about their latest release. Better yet I would buy one of their phones. The reason I visit this site is for apple news. Pure and Simple. Thanks good videos besides the slight complaint.

  14. herb02135go says:

    Battery usage per app is available on Samsung. Same with time lapse photography.
    Camera exposure is available in the HTC One.

    Glad to see Apple ahead of the pack.

  15. You can get to the control center with an active keyboard now. No more having to double tap the home button

  16. It’s a minor feature request and maybe not a high demand one (and definitely a purely cosmetic one) but would it be too hard for Apple to include automatic wallpaper switching like in OS X? I can’t imagine it would eat that much battery. It seems like such a simple thing. It’s one of my favorite things about jailbreaking.

  17. herbstwald says:

    Nice video, thanks!

  18. alexmack says:

    Two not mentioned:

    • Time Limits in guided access
    • Disable dictionary lookup in guided access (great for exams)

  19. Every feature that Apple did not talk about in their keynote is under NDA. Please so developers and Apple some respect and don’t abuse your “developer” membership.

    • Dude. Don’t be lame. You’re not the Apple police. I have a dev account too. I could care less what they post. Don’t act like you’re some kind of moral authority. Technically, most (if not all) of this WAS shown in the keynote on the slide listing the features they didn’t highlight. If Apple wants to they could slap them with a cease and desist and they’d have to take it down. Until that happens, kindly untwist your underoos.

  20. You don’t need to ask Siri what song is playing. Just get her to where she’s listening… she’ll hear the song and identify it.

  21. equinox2000 says:

    Been waiting for it what feels a age, but webgl now working on the device :)