Earlier today Apple announced the next version of its iOS software, iOS 8, during the WWDC keynote today. Below you’ll find a gallery of all the new bells and whistles in the latest operating system. If you’ve got some screenshots you’d like to send us, you can send them to tips@9to5mac.com.

The new software includes features like iOS-to-Mac continuity, quick-reply for first- and third-party apps, a new predictive text keyboard, changes to the Mail appHealthKit framework and Health app, Family Sharing features, new Photos cloud storage, an updated iCloud pricing scheme, new commands for Siri, App Store changes including beta distribution, a Touch ID API, third-party keyboards, new iCloud management and development features, a home automation framework, and even support for a brand new programming language.

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22 Responses to “Gallery: First look at iOS 8 with Health app, Notification Center widgets, and more”

  1. Does the voice message require other users be in ios8?

  2. is the Photo/Video screenshot the one from iMessage/Messages app?

  3. Mother of all questions: “how stable is iOS 8 beta 1″?

  4. Zach Coleman says:

    Is “Hey Siri” working in beta 1?

  5. I am so glad that the health app user interface is not what you showed as “Health Book”! That looked like crap !
    Is there any chance the added dictation languages include Persian/Farsi ?

  6. Guy Cusson says:


  7. johncueto says:

    ready for iOS 8… Head over to udid8.com to register yours

  8. glock858 says:

    Apple has disappointed me once again and millions of others as well. I say this because apple refuses to give me an millions of their consumers what they truly want and that is the ability to customize their iOS devices. I’m referring to the simple things that make your device yours and yours alone, you know apple it’s called personalization. I guess that’s a dirty forbidden word with Apple. Google has no problem with it, you can customize their os any which way, cosmetically of course. This is what Apple fails at, I want to be able to change if I dare say customize my iPhone yet I have to depend upon cydia, not Apple mind you but cydia. God help us all for the big news from Apple in iOS 8 is a Health app, how sad is that? Come on apple you used to set the standards and the bar in which others would follow, now your flat footed and mundane.

    • chevyguy123 says:

      Dude, you clearly do not understand Apple’s business model. Apple is NOT about giving consumers the ability to customize every single aspect of their devices. Apple is very controlling on how people use their products. If you’re unhappy with that, then move along to Android where you can customize to your heart’s content.

      • glock858 says:

        “dude, you clearly do not understand Apple’s business model. Apple is NOT about giving consumers the ability to customize every single aspect of their devices” Apple doesn’t give you any ability to customize their iOS , unless its the wallpaper then yes thats about it, and thats sad. “Apple is very controlling on how people use their products.” do tell, when you can’t even change sms bubble colors, that just shows you how controlling they truly are, yeah not a good thing.”If you’re unhappy with that, then move along to Android where you can customize to your heart’s content.” come now I’m crazy not stupid, as long as cydia does their thing ill stay with apple.

      • daitenshe says:

        Glock, please don’t tell me you teach other, impressionable young minded people… I’ve seen you whine at least 3 times now about how awful Apple is for not letting users change the colors of the bubbles of the sms messages. Of all the years of my forum browsing for all the iOS suggestions I have NEVER seen anyone ask for this, yet you seem to make this the soapbox topic that you wish to rant on about. Just accept that your ideas aren’t necessarily anything other people care even a tiny amount about. Derision + idiocy isn’t a good combo

    • Apple disappointed you because you can’t customize? i love that apple maintains some control. Thats why they have a quality product. There needs to be supervision on what people can and can’t do or else we all end up with android software and look how great that works. Apple isn’t limiting your control to force you to do something. They need to protect their product. We WANT our phones to work fresh out the box not crash because of buggy software, viruses, under developed apps, etc. You compare google/android and apple, but look at what you’re getting. Android isn’t developing a perfect phone, they’re creating phones to compete with the perfect phone. We don’t invest all this money into a phone for it to be crappy and filled with unnecessary software that causes problems. hey, feel free to move on to android or windows and then let us know how thats working out for ya!

      • glock858 says:

        you sound like an apple bot….i never compared the two devices when it comes to stability, get it right. i compare the two when it comes to customization and the ability to do so. android lets you where as apple does not. not to bust your bubble fanboy with blinders on but the samsung g5 scored a 856 compared to the iPhone 860 when it came to consumer satisfaction. as for android its junk in my opinion but other love it as i said I’m crazy not stupid thats why i stick to my iPhone, yet you cannot dismiss the fact that apple doesn’t give we the consumer the ability to customize the simple things in their iOS , i.e. messages and so forth..as i said thank god for cydia.

    • nullifiedone says:

      google/android does not have a problem with that, you are right. You know what they do have a problem with? malware.
      there are even more millions of us that want a SECURE device, and couldn’t care less about all the customizing of an open device.
      like others have said, jailbreak, or goto android, thats why there are options, why cry about one and continue to use it? its a phone, not a family member.

      • glock858 says:

        never heard any of my students (high school) complain about malware on their android devices, as for secure devices that my friend is the standard …now as for giving the consumer an option this is where apple lags behind and they should not. apple sets the standard as i said in certain areas , so why not in all? btw my phone has been jb and i refuse to upgrade the iOS unless envasion comes out with their latest software. as for what i see in ios8 looks like ill be at 7.0.6 even longer ….wah wah wuzby

    • Glock858, as long as I know, my old android crap didn’t let me change the color scheme of the phone, including the messaging bubbles.

      Talk about yourself, don’t talk about others. I’m really impressed and anxious for iOS 8. The only thing I wanted (but knew I wouldn’t get) was a quick access to turning on and off cellular data.

  9. Recents within the multi-tasking view is out of place and poorly designed imo.

  10. Can someone please post a screenshot of the new sharing options “Share Sheet” please?