Last month we showed you the new Apple Store in Portland as well as to soon-to-open location in Madrid, and now photos of a new, multi-level glass Apple Store are starting to surface from Japan. The gigantic retail location is located on the Omotesando avenue alongside several other flagship retailers and is set to open to the public on Friday, June 13th, as invitations to attend the day one experience have already been sent out. More photos below…

The new Omotesando Apple Store joins two more Tokyo-based retail locations and will be one of eight Apple Retail Stores in Japan when it opens on Friday.

Below you can view the promotional graphic Apple is promoting on its Japanese retail site inviting customers to attend the grand opening.


You can see the massive flagship Apple Store with all its glass and glory below. Ringo-Sanco, which shared these photos, describes the store as multi-story and you can see the iconic spiral staircase in the photos.

From the street level you can see where products are being displayed while the “basement” level holds the Genius Bar as well as the accessory section.

(Photos via Ringo-Sanco)


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2 Responses to “Impressive new Omotesando Apple Store Tokyo set to open on June 13th”

  1. It’s kind of scary to see an all-glass store in a country like Japan which is sitting in such an earthquake-prone zone. I’m sure it must meet all the requirements but it just seems like such a structure would be highly vulnerable to earthquake damage. Maybe it depends on how the glass fractures under twisting.


  2. aeronperyton says:

    Going to have to swing by on the weekend to check it out. Makes the other Apple Stores here look really dated.