iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jun 2014 01.01.56

As we reported in May, Apple is working on a split-screen multitasking feature for iPad apps for a version of iOS 8. The feature, akin to the key productivity function on the Microsoft Surface, was not announced at WWDC last week, but code references to the feature have been found across the iOS 8 Software Development Kit.

Now, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has dug further into the upcoming split-screen multitasking feature and has hacked the iOS 8 iPad Simulator to make the function partially work. As can be seen  above, Safari is taking up half the display. The tweaking to the simulator is yet to completely unlock all functionality with two different apps running side by side, but this demonstrates that Apple has been definitely testing the feature internally.

Troughton-Smith has also put together a video showing the split-screen mode in action on the simulator. That video can be seen below:

It is unclear  if the two finger swipe gesture will be the control for the shipping product, but that is the control Apple is testing internally.

The feature also allows the screen to be adjusted for apps to either take up 1/4 or 3/4 of the display, with the secondary app taking up the other 3/4 or 1/4 respectively. That can be seen in the images below:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jun 2014 01.01.59

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jun 2014 01.01.53

iOS 8 will ship this fall, but a timeframe for split-screen iPad multitasking is unclear and has not even been officially confirmed by Apple. Perhaps the feature will be saved for iOS 8.1, iOS 9, a larger iPad model, or just cancelled altogether.

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24 Responses to “Here’s the iPad split-screen app mode Apple is working on in iOS 8 (video)”

  1. rettun1 says:

    I wonder what other apps it works for


  2. I figured it would involve one of the windows running in iPhone mode.


  3. rettun1 says:

    It don’t think it’ll be released until all those animations are buttery smooth


  4. They must change then gestureRegonizer for this function, I imaging it can cause trouble for alot of apps and games which uses to finger regonizer


  5. This video presentation can be easily faked with a fake Safari Interface. Use a WKWebView tThis video presentation can be easily faked with a fake Safari Interface. Use a WKWebView to show the website, and put those fake Interface into one app. Those Safari Interface can be some kind of screen shot image, Which cannot resize properly while iOS supports Auto Layout.o show the website, and put those fake Interface into one app. Those Safari Interface can be some kind of screen shot image, Which cannot resize properly while iOS supports Auto Layout.


  6. Well Apple, you’re finally catching up with Microsoft, though you still have some way to go by the looks of it!


  7. scottwilkins says:

    I won’t use it. I don’t use this feature on Windows 8 either. Kinda stupid if you ask me.


    • Why do you feel this is stupid. This can be beneficial in so many ways.


      • Matt Schmid says:

        Screen space and layout sacrificed for multitasking, which is already proven to be ineffective. Apple has created so much to allow accessibility between apps and made the whole process so smooth that it would fly in the face of everything apple. How would you find this beneficial?


      • @Matt reviewing calendar while chatting with someone to plan a trip, reviewing calendar while writing an email, finding photos to drag into an email, taking notes while watching a video or reading a web page…there are hundreds of use cases for this.

        Liked by 1 person

    • jorge1170x says:

      Apple is scrambling to copy a feature of windows 8 tablets, so they must know it will be of use to some other people besides you. Personally, I also rarely use it, but when I do need it, it is a pretty awesome thing and I’m really glad it’s there as an option.


  8. Yup, that looked ratchet as hell. I’m not surprised at all that this was put on hold, man.


  9. benzben070 says:

    ios 8 file:///C:/Users/forum/Desktop/multi.png


  10. hmmm, looks creepily similar to samsung’s multi window mode……


  11. This is a good news! It could be a great feature for everyone using their iPad for work. However, everyone productive guru keep saying that multitasking it’s evil… I don’t know if it’s gonna make your more productive but in my case, since I use mainly 2 apps for work (Beesy, which is an all-in-one app for productivity and Microsoft PPT), It could be the perfect feature to improve my productivity avoiding to switch betwwen apps et go trhought many fun applications ready to take me out off my route to productivity!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Danny Fisher says:

    Hi guys, I want to use airturn on a music playback app and simultaneously run an app to control a digital mixing desk, will this be possible if this split screen comes to pass?




  13. Fabulous. I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages. Love to be able to watch I view in one pane and play with an app, say pinterest in the other. I hate mono tasking when watching tv!!


  14. I wonder if there will be iPhone 6 Plus split screen multitasking. that would be awesome.