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When OS X 10.10 Yosemite launches this fall, most of Apple’s first-party apps will look completely different. This means that many third-party apps will begin to look out of place. Zinx has compiled some mockups from Dribbble demonstrating how some popular apps could look when they are redesigned for Yosemite. Here’s a gallery of just a few:

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9 Responses to “How some of your favorite Mac apps could look when OS X Yosemite launches”

  1. Looks nice – while OS X Mavericks doesn’t look bad, as soon as I saw Yosemite, 10.9 immediately looked dated. Can’t wait for Yosemite to freshen my workspace!


  2. JP says:

    Hopefully 1Password doesn’t take half a year to update their UI…


  3. khaledzeidiyeh says:

    I don’t hate the new look, it’s just too simple.


  4. How awful. only thing I can think is, There better be a way to revert this horrid look.


    • alphabetize1 says:

      You absolutely can revert the translucency! In Yosemite, open System Preferences, click on Accessibility, under the Display tab, check the “Reduce transparency” box, and everything looks opaque again.

      I actually really like the translucency, I kind of wish they pushed it even further.


  5. pd108 says:

    Too childlike…where has Apple’s sophistication of design gone? Why go from a 3-dimensional dock to a flat grey box with kid-like icons in it?


  6. matiul says:

    I’d still prefer the existing metallic frames


  7. vkd108 says:

    I’ve already booked a course of regression therapy, so when this plop lands in the so-called “fall” (autumn to the rest of the world, thanks), I should be living in an artificially-induced mental age of six. In this way, I hope to obtain the maximum enjoyment from the new interface.