Retro Apple Store Back to School display

Retro Apple Store Back to School display

Apple could be planning to launch its annual Back to School sales promotion within the next two weeks. Apple Stores, according to several employees, will be changing the front of store glass window displays overnight on June 30th. This is the usual timeframe in which Apple launches a promotion to boost Mac, iPad, and iPhone sales in anticipation of the new school year in the fall.

Last year, the Back to School promotion consisted of $100 App Store gift cards for Mac purchases and $50 cards for iPad and iPhone purchases by students with their Student IDs. Of course, this June 30th window change could be connected to another promotion or a new product, but based on the timing, the Back to School program being in the wings seems most likely.

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8 Responses to “Apple’s annual Back to School promotion likely kicking off at end of June”

  1. danbridgland says:

    Isn’t it incredible how old and redundant that iPod touch looks. A similarly aged iMac or MacBook Pro wouldn’t look so dated.

    Only Apple can make Apple products look dated!


  2. Let’s hope they cut the crap and have free AppleCare plus $100 credit. Apple stuff is way over-priced. I love it (user since 1989), but their pricing has gotten worse over the years.

    I need a new computer with some balls, but anything with decent specs is pushing two grand. They need to give everything a bump in terms of speed, graphics card, memory and storage. They can easily afford it, and the result will be that they will sell more boxes.

    Apple, please don’t forget who brought you to the dance. Think Different about pricing. Your vast hoard is proof that you are over-priced, and stop paying employees like Aherendts millions of dollars for walking through the door. You have lost your conscience.


    • mazecookie says:

      What prices have you been looking at? You are very mistaken.
      MacBook prices have dropped dramatically over the years, and specs have only gotten better.

      For example, original MacBook Air retailed at $1799 for the base model, the current generation retails at $999.
      The MacBook Pro line originally started at $1999, and it now retails for £1299.

      Look at the prices for yourself:

      Also, free AppleCare? The 14% discount on the machine + 75% off the AppleCare + $100 gift card is not enough? Laughable comments.

      If you would like to backup your “vast hoard” claim, with any proof that in fact Apple is struggling to sell it’s manufactured stock, I would be very grateful to see it.


    • jonajonlee says:

      Why mark em down when then there’s no decrease in sales? That’s the price for a premium device.


    • soccredude says:

      I agree. I like the old days. Buy a Mac get a iPod. They have PLENTY lying around lol jk. But seriously. 100$ app credit not a promo but a door prize. I’ve been with apple since apple II e let show customer appreciation along with more employee appreciation. Cuz I obviously appreciate u. I buy all your goodness and speak highly of you at parties to you children and grand children who only know u as the iPad maker. Lol. Throw us a bone is all I’m saying.


  3. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    These are always great times to get some decent deals on current hardware before Apple overhauls their selection of products a few months after.