A new research note from KGI indicates that the 4.7-inch model of the iPhone 6 won’t support optical image stabilization due to constraints in the production of VCM suppliers. The larger 5.5-inch version is expected to support the feature, while the smaller device will employ a cheaper motor that’s similar to the one found in the iPhone 5s.

Rather, we predict it will use a middle-mount type of open-loop VCM updated from the one used in the existing iPhone 5S. The 5.5” iPhone 6 is more likely to be equipped with OIS VCM due to lower estimated shipments and the need for more product features to differentiate itself from the 4.7” iPhone 6.

The difference will reportedly be one of the factors that sets the two devices apart, lending further credence to the idea that these will not simply be two internally-identical devices with different display sizes as is currently the case with the iPad its “mini” counterpart.

That’s not to say that the 4.7-inch phone won’t see improvements to image quality. The new motors are expected to allow for improved focus time and use power more efficiently than the design used in the iPhone 5s. Even with this concession, KGI still expects the iPhone 6’s picture quality to lead the market:

Compared with conventional open-loop VCM, closed-loop VCM keeps records of focus points, enabling it to produce better quality pictures, focus faster and save power. Nonetheless, there are many factors that affect picture quality, and VCM specification is just one of them. Therefore, we believe overall picture quality of the 4.7” iPhone 6 will lead its peers’.

Both models of the iPhone 6 are expected to enter production next month, as recent hiring frenzies at manufacturing partners seem to confirm, and will be publicly unveiled this fall.

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22 Responses to “KGI: 4.7″ iPhone’s camera may not support optical image stabilization, 5.5″ likely will”

  1. “Can’t believe Apple are forcing us to buy the bigger models to get the best features, I don’t want a bigger iPhone I like my iPhone 4 screen” comments in 3…2…1


  2. David Hope says:

    Are those supposed to be actual Apple schematics for the iPhone 6 ? If so, I’m extremely disappointed!!! That looks like the exact same boring design of the iPhone 5 with the exception of the rounded edges and slimmer profile and power button location. The side bezels are still WAY TOO WIDE, and the area above and below the display screen is still TOO BIG!!! It looks like nothing more than a re-hashed version of the current iPhone!!! What a huge letdown!!! I sincerely hope that those schematics are bogus and that the real iPhone 6 is better looking than that!!


    • rogifan says:

      Ok genius, where does the home button with Touch ID go?


      • David Hope says:

        Rogifan,there is no need to be rude to me for expressing my opinion. There have been mock ups of the iPhone 6 that still had the Home button in the same place but with a little smaller bezel around it. So it can be done and still work. And the side bezels should be at least half as thick as the ones shown in the schematic. The ones shown look exactly like the iPhone 5 bezels….and I should know as I own an iPhone 5.


      • I think Apple projected the competitor’s hardware supply roadmaps over the next 18 months, an estimated cost and profitability ratio of those parts, and decided this was the least amount of innovation they would need to do so they can make more money. They know this wrist band they’re making and the larger size will put them ahead of the game. And the iPhone is made of quality material, and we know its gonna weight next to nothing. I think the new line of products are gonna be great. I already want the iPhone 7.


      • irockapple says:

        David Hope there is a difference between mockups and actual products. A mockup does not have to take into account the internal hardware. They only focus on the outside appearance. I don’t known if the internals are keeping Apple from minimizing the bezels, but we cannot unfairly eliminate that possibility. From what I’ve seen from Apple, minimization and simplicity if their mantra and I am willing to bet if this is the real iPhone 6 than the bezels are this size because there was no way of minimizing them without sacrificing a feature(s).


    • “like the exact same”
      except it’s not the same, nor the exact same.
      It’s different, rounded, and it looks great.


  3. J.latham says:

    I wish they would stop this nonsense. Just make the phone larger (depth wise) and put them in both. They did the same thing with the iPhone 5c and its camera being subpar in comparison to the 5s. The camera is the only thing getting me to upgrade.


    • rogifan says:

      The 5C wasn’t meant to be an equal to the 5S. It was meant to be the mid-range phone, essentially replacing the iPhone 5.


      • J.latham says:

        I understand. It had better internal specs too. Giving the both the same camera is the only thing I wish they would change. Give the bigger one a bigger battery, more storage, and faster internals for all I care, just keep the camera the same.
        It worked better for the two phones that were both 4in but now that there’s become a staggering difference its getting ridiculous. Get the plus of a better camera but also (if you don’t want a larger display like me) have this unusable screen size. Seriously, the 13in MBPr is slightly taller then the 15in to fit the internals in. I really hope they choose to go that route and fit the OIC in a slightly thicker, smaller screened device.
        I don’t know if its just me but this race to have the thinnest devices is going a little too far. If it takes away from the function of the device, suck it up and make it thicker.


      • mpias3785 says:

        @J.latham: It’s not just you, this obsession with thin phones is getting ridiculous. I have a 5s, if I grab a 4 I don’t notice the thickness or weight. Apple should just bite the bullet, add 2 mm to the thickness and put in a bigger battery. I for one would appreciate the improvement in battery life.


      • Smartphones are one of the most incredible things humans have made. We haven’t had all this tech for very long, and it’s inevitable that these will be a slab of glass in the next 10 years. I don’t know what the rush is. These will be plugged in our heads by the time I’m 50 so I’m not even sweating it.


      • @leemahi – couldn’t agree more dude. Everyone is crying about how the design isn’t radically different. It’s got a screen. It’s got a few buttons. It’s got a camera. How different can it look?


  4. mpias3785 says:

    I find it hard to believe that Apple would allow a disparity in features. I don’t see the iPhablet being marketed as the premium model. iPhone users aren’t ignorant enough to fall for the bigger=better marketing spiel.


    • “I find it hard to believe that Apple would allow a disparity in features.”

      It has already been done. The first iPad Mini lacked a retina display unlike its bigger counterpart and the iPad Air doesn’t have Touch ID despite it being a newer iOS device (and there was no excuse not to include that other than to push it as a marquee feature of the iPhone 5S).


  5. I’m really hoping that the supposed 5.5-inch iPhone has the same overall features as the 4.7-inch iPhone. I’d be fine if the 5.5-inch iPhone had a larger battery, but I hope they both have the same camera and such. It’s just that I have tiny hands, so I think 4.7-inches is the largest I can go.


  6. Apart from the iPhone, does anyone think Apple is going to update the iPod Touch which could certainly use some newer features? That product is simply falling too far behind the rest of Apple’s mobile products. (Forget the iPad Classic which will likely never change)


  7. Bob Kolk says:

    “…and the need for more product features to differentiate itself from the 4.7” iPhone 6.”

    For me, I’d be buying the 5.5″ for the 5.5″ screen. Better camera is just bonus.