Multiple sources are indicating that Apple will launch a new variant of the iPod touch next week. iGen.fr is saying that the same source who leaked information about the early 2013 16 GB 5th generation iPod touch is now saying yet another model will launch in the near future. However, their report does not go into specifics about particular changes.

MacRumors believes that the new device will be a modified version of the current 16 GB iPod touch at a lower price point. According to the site, the low-end Touch will reclaim a back-facing camera and go on sale for $199. Compared to the current 16 GB Touch, this supposed new model would both be $30 cheaper and feature two cameras.

Low-end models of existing products has been the trend for Apple in the first half of this year. In March, they launched an 8 GB model of the iPhone 5c in a smattering of countries, to stimulate sales in more price-sensitive markets. Just a couple of weeks ago, the company also began selling a low-spec iMac,  lowering the entry price of that product range by $200, as well.

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2 Responses to “New, cheaper, iPod touch model rumored to launch next week”

  1. uniszuurmond says:

    They’ve already lowered the prices of all the iPod touches in the Store (but not yet on their marketing pages).


  2. My iTunes library music is much larger than 16GB but I don’t require the whole library. I’m also into a lot of streaming now so 16GB could suffice but that’s just settling. 64GB is my absolute minimum for such a device. I’m sure Apple has good reason to do this, but I don’t want some cheaper, low-end iPod Touch. I’d rather pay for a device with a more powerful processor and more memory. It’s pretty messed up when Apple can’t update a device for a couple of years. I’m guessing there’s not much reason to do so if iPod sales are tanking, anyway.