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Apple has begun airing a new TV ad to promote the iPhone 5s that focuses on uses by parents within both “Smart Homes” and in everyday family life. The ad, aptly named “Parenthood,” shows how the iPhone can be used to record home video, find a lost dog, monitor the children, and turn off the lights in the living room. The ad comes ahead of HomeKit Smart Home appliance integration with iOS 8 this fall. Sources have also indicated that Apple is developing its own line of connected hardware for the home. Apple’s previous iPhone ad, part of the same “more powerful than you think series” demonstrated various uses for the iPhone in the health and fitness space. You can watch the latest ad below:

Apple has also updated its iPhone website with a list of apps shown in the ad.

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6 Responses to “‘Parenthood’ iPhone ad airs with focus on families and HomeKit devices”

  1. rettun1 says:

    I like it. I’m curious and excited to see how Apple executes their take on the ‘Smart Home’. Also this kind of reminds me of the gs5 ad


  2. An epic commercial indeed. I bet the television masses are enjoying it as much as I am here on my favorite website. I am deeply moved by the fact that we have the most powerful tool on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. My issue is that this is already something I have constant wonderment at. The evolution of technology is stupendous. So for me, this doesn’t tug on any new heart strings. This commercial is really just a different take on the “there’s an app for that” campaign. This must be the absolute last ditch play they could do, before the larger screen iPhone arrives. With Android outclassing every aspect of the iPhone, with the exception of touch input speed and the App Store, they have zero upper hand. This might be the most defensive commercial Apple has ever had to create. Really. I hope we can get some funny commercials in before the new Android phones get thinner, lighter, and faster than the iPhone 6 and 6s.


  3. Mark Dowling says:

    It look like your dog will have a wearable too.


  4. It has to be about the worst ad for how ‘amazing’ the device is. Really? Ending it with “Hey, it’s a torch too!” isn’t really selling it.

    As a parent I am actually more interested in how I can control my children’s use of such devices and how I can use them to keep them safe, you know, from that ‘big bad world’ we always see in the news that is portrayed to frighten us into staying in our homes.

    So far as a device for ‘Parenthood’ the add is a big fail, as is the device itself. I have 4 kids aged from 5 to 11 years old and what they need in a handheld communication device is the ability to safely communicate with friends and family. Apple products STILL don’t offer this. Indeed there are apps that can make it easier, but come on Apple why cant you start implementing these parental features into the device, even a simple time scheduler for when my child can use the device would be a huge step up from what I am able to do now.

    Oh, and I’m not sure about paying a couple of hundred bucks to track the whereabouts of my dog… my children possibly, but not the dog.


    • My sentiments exactly! I might even buy my daughter her own iPad if I could control her time allowance and what she views. It seems like a no brainer for a company that tries to look like they are one of us!


  5. Daughter,

    What is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything?

    (from the pic…)