For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing a new MacBook stand called the Kickflip. I’ve used some of the more high-end stands for my laptop in the past as it improves the ergonomics involved with keyboard typing and because it improves the cooling of the computer. This new Kickflip is not stationary like some other stands on the market, but it is an accessory that sticks to the bottom of your laptop. The stand can be closed for when you want to keep the laptop in a bag or carry it around, and you flip out the kickstand when you want to raise up your laptop. The experience is nice, the stand is sturdy, and I very much have enjoyed using the Kickflip…

When you get the Kickflip, you just peel off the tape and stick the unit on the bottom of your MacBook. These devices are sold in versions for both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros, but the creator says that they’ll work just fine on the MacBook Airs. The adhesive material actually does not decrease in stickiness in my testing, so you can peel it off and place it back on at your leisure. The accessory also does not seem to leave any sign of residue.


One downside is that these stands are not offered in varieties that differ in terms of angle. I particularly like the angle that the Kickflip defaults the MacBook to, but some users may be looking for something slightly taller. Perhaps in a future version.

As for the price, the Kickflip is a pretty decent value. Unlike some of the higher-end stands that end up offering similar functionality, these accessories are fairly affordable: the 13-inch model costs $17.95 and the 15-inch version is $19.95. You can grab them on Amazon. These will likely show up at Apple Stores sometime in the near future as well.

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8 Responses to “Review: Kickflip is a cool, simple, and affordable stand for your MacBook”

  1. I thought that was a MacBook Pro submerged in muddy water for a second.


  2. Please, please, do not ruin my Mac with this crap…


  3. Adrian Sills says:

    This is awesome. I’ll most likely be purchasing one for myself.


  4. As usual, nothing for 17″ MacBook Pro’s.

    Dear Apple,

    Bring the 17″ MBP back.



  5. The price for the 15″ model has gone up to 25.75 on Amazon. I guess they decided they are worth more money in the last 17 hours since this story was posted…


  6. This reminds me of something I can’t stand. People who put stickers all over their $1000+ laptop.


  7. # says:

    How does this work when the MBP is on your lap?