Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.36.38 PMJust as news hit this morning that the European Commission approved Apple’s acquisition of Beats, the Beats Music iOS app just received an update with a number of notable new features.

Included in version 2.2.0 of the app for iPhone and iPad is the ability to customize the app’s “Just for You” recommendations with a feature called Tune Your Taste. From within Settings, Tune Your Taste will allow users to customize things like genre and artists to get more personalized recommendations.  

A new “Sentence History” feature lets users view past playlists created using The Sentence feature, and verified badges for profiles puts a red checkmark next to profiles “certified as legit by Beats.” The Sentence is a feature of the app that allows users to create a sentence that includes a location, emotion, genre, and other preferences that in return automatically creates a playlist of music for the situation. 

The update also includes other improvements to the player that according to the release notes “make playback more smooth and reliable.”

The updated Beats Music iOS app is available on the App Store now. A full list of what’s new is below:

What’s New in Version 2.2.0

You asked for it, and we listened! In this latest release we’ve added:

● Tune Your Taste — Want to switch up your Just For You recommendations? Change your favorite genres and artists with the Tune Your Taste feature in Settings
● Sentence History — View your most recently played songs from The Sentence
● Verified Badges — That red check mark means the profile is certified as legit by Beats
● Player Improvements — We fixed a ton of bugs to make playback more smooth and reliable

…and much, much more

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5 Responses to “Beats Music iOS app updated w/ customizable recommendations, Sentence history, verified badges, more”

  1. I’M

    doesn’t matter

    this won’t affect your song selection

    name the friggen genre of music you want to listen to already.


    • Don’t be silly. “Play me some blues”. What blues? Texas blues or Delta blues? Acoustic blues or electric blues? Sad or not really? If i’m bbqing i don’t wanna hear some New York modern jazz. I need me some Kermit Ruffins sauce.


  2. Alex Raikos says:

    So Apple has both iTunes Radio & Beats Music. I really wonder whether they’ll merge these two music services into one or not.


  3. So the real question is when Apple is going to integrate the icloud login capability within Beats Music. Second is to get it as part of iTunes Match or similar package.


  4. Still can’t sync my own library with it, still no equivalent desktop access. I wouldn’t have beats if I wasn’t sharing it with 4 other people on my AT&T plan. Spotify is better at everything else but curation.