Apple has rolled out some new channel additions to the Apple TV set-top box this morning. Both FOX NOW and CNBC have joined the Apple TV lineup. Both channels appear to require a cable subscription to unlock the content within. However, some episodes and clips are available without providing subscription credentials.

The CNBC channel supports viewing live broadcasts from the business-focused station as well as viewing previously aired shows and content. The FOX NOW channel features popular shows from the network like American Idol, Glee, Family Guy, The Following, and more.

Specifically, FOX NOW will feature full episodes of returning FOX series the day after they air when authorized through supported TV provider subscriptions.

First season series episodes are available in full on an unlocked basis by all FOX NOW users.

For CNBC, video clips are available to non-cable subscribers, but on demand content and live streaming is restricted to subscribers of select TV providers including Comcast, AT&T, DirecTV, DISH, Verizon, and more.

In addition to today’s new channels, Apple TV is expected to gain FX NOW within the next 12 months, including The Simpsons catalog, as mentioned this week.

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16 Responses to “Apple TV updated with FOX NOW, CNBC channels”

  1. If you already have cable, what’s the point?
    Also, I bet they still have commercials, so again, what’s the point?


  2. The interface is overdue for an overhaul. With all the options now the UI needs organizational enhancements.


  3. More dead icons on my appleTV that only work in one country. A better approach would be to allow third party apps so that users could get functional channel apps from their own national broadcasters or channels that aren’t geo-locked.


  4. The gulf in channel numbers between the US and every other country is staggering now. Here in the UK the Apple TV is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, as it lacks virtually all local streaming services.

    The next Apple TV better have a proper app store open to all.


    • The more channels they add like this, the less likely it seems that there will be an App Store on a new Apple TV. Unless they are really pushing the current models’ channels, knowing that the new one will be the only one with an App Store.


      • It seems that no one is paying attention to Netflix. Only Netflix seem to understand that the mega dollars are made from international viewers… Just compare Netflix and Hulu’s profits for 2013.
        I would love the day when I can purchase an iTunes gift card for the purpose of paying for tv service within APT… I can understand the reasons for signing in with cable subscription, but why not charge users about $2.99 a month that does not have cable subscription?


    • Oh to be back in the UK! Chocolate Teapot – Luv it!


  5. The cheapest Comcast internet package for me is $75 (Internet Plus) which gives you basic cable and internet. The cable box they give you has a RCA connection and the image looks like crap. They do this to get you to upgrade to a HDMI box which requires a higher priced package. Also, to keep me they gave me HBO for a year in which I plan to call and cancel at the year marker so as to get HBO again for year. ALL OF THIS TO SAY… I use my ATV and log in to the various channels with my Comcast credentials and get a perfect picture via HDMI on the ATV. BAM! Everything unlocked (Except for I think… A&E.. Can’t remember because I the wife watches that). So, there is a point to all of this. Hide the channels you don’t like, unlock the ones you can and enjoy a good TV experience.

    I do agree its time for a UI overhaul now. They should also include Safari with the next ATV OS release.


  6. These companies need to come around. I have no problem paying for content but we do not have cable TV and why should I have to pay for a basic package plus the extended package just to watch the one channel? Sorry I will wait for it to come out on Amazon etc.


  7. Andy Brooks says:

    I wanted to use these new apps but it’s saying I have to give my money to some cooperation called Comcast. Who the hell are they?! I don’t want to give my money to Comcast. They don’t do anything for me! I want to give my money for content created by Fox, MSNBC, etc. Not Comcast! They are a worthless middle man just getting in the way! They are of no value at all! Just another tax collector mucking everything up. I wanna see them wiped out!


  8. In Norway we got TV2 Sumo (streaming soccer, TV shows/movies and live TV). I’ve been waiting for this for years!