The NFL Now app we revealed a few days ago has launched on iPhone and iPad, offering fans a personalized video stream of their favorite teams.

NFL Now delivers a personalized video stream of your favorite NFL teams, players and coaches right to your iPad or iPhone. Get exclusive interviews and stories about your team, breaking news on your fantasy players, and unlimited access to your favorites in the NFL Films Archives.

This official NFL product combines all of the intense football you love with a smart, easy-to-use interface. NFL Now for the iPhone and iPad learns what you like and delivers a non-stop stream of customized NFL content gathered just for you …

NFL Enterprises promises “hundreds of new videos daily” together with the “deepest NFL video library anywhere.”

The app is free, as is much of the content, but you need to pay $1.99 a month as a recurring in-app purchase to access the premium content offered in NFL Now Plus:

  • Unlimited access to expansive library of NFL Films shows

  • Premium game highlights experience that includes hundreds of real-time in-game highlights

Those outside the USA, Mexico and the UK also get live streams of the NFL Network and NFL RedZone on Sunday afternoon.

The app will be coming to the Apple TV in the coming days.

The app not only allows you to choose your favorite teams and players, but also learns from what you watch and skip to offer the content it believes will most interest you. It offers seamless handover between devices, so you can begin watching a clip on Apple TV and then continue watching on your iPad.

Read the NFL announcement below. 

NFL NOW launches: Largest football library available

t was not your normal Wednesday around the NFL Media offices. After years of planning, we have launched the product that will change all of our lives for the better: NFL NOW.

So what is NFL NOW?

Our analysts — including the entire Around The League team — will tape daily breaking news, highlights and analysis videos that will go right to your device. When Bears tight end Martellus Bennett gets suspended, you’ll have our take right away, wherever you are.» We are making the largest football video library available, personalized to your interests. That includes highlights, clips of NFL Network programming and a truckload of original programming taped in our fancy new NFL NOW studios.

» Something will be available for every kind of fan. You can choose your favorite team, your favorite players and continue to personalize the types of videos you see. You also get inside access to all your favorite players and teams throughout the season from our teams. There will be 4,800 minutes of video from each team per week during the year. 4,800!

» Highlights. And more highlights. You aren’t going to find a library of them elsewhere on Sundays or throughout the week. Nothing beats highlights.

» Accessibility. NFL NOW will be available on all devices. You can watch everywhere you are.

If you want to know more, we put together a big fact sheet that should answer your questions. In the meantime, check out NFL NOW. Tell us what you think.

With the preseason ready to begin, we’re just getting started.

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13 Responses to “NFL Now app launches on iPhone & iPad, coming soon to Apple TV with personalized video stream & more”

  1. I love to watch NFL video library on my devices. $1.99 for monthly subscription is a killer price for the awesome service.


  2. chrisdunning says:

    So, everything but the actual games, which are really the only things I want to watch… Wonderful.


  3. to watch it simple google MANSCAVEFOOTBALL


  4. PMZanetti says:

    I’m sure it lets you do everything under the sun except watch football. Meaning, live football.


  5. dam1999sam says:

    I subscription service for highlights. Wow, what a deal! There is such a shortage of NFL highlight shows.


  6. Ali Mnm says:

    Wondered whether anybody watches this sport outside of the US!!!!


  7. Ali Mnm says:

    I have a Chanel showing this sport 24 hours a week even when there is no live match. Such a waste of time and money.
    Soccer, tennis, basketball, water sports , skiing , volleyball, gymnastics and athletics are good. The rest are wild and waste of time and money.


  8. Winski says:

    Sorry… App is a complete FAIL.


  9. the ability to watch NFL on Mobile device is certainly my thing even the subscription charges are pretty sweet.