Tom Hanks iPad

Tom Hanks has played many roles throughout his acting career in movies like Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, and even Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy, and today the actor is finally adding app developer to that list.

Hanx Writer, a flashy new app with a very classic concept revisited for the tablet age, is the result of close collaboration between Tom Hanks and the game/mobile app development studio Hitcents. The app brings the old school typewriter experience to the iPad with clicking and clacking and dings and includes various inks, ribbons, and keyboards. It’s also very functional in that you can share you documents in all their vintage glory over email, AirDrop, print, and more just like any modern iPad writer. Catch the interview after the break…

The app is available for iPad on the App Store as a free download with unlocked packs and keyboards available through in-app purchase.

You can see the App Store’s Twitter interview with the actor in full sequence via Storify.

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14 Responses to “Apple interviews Tom Hanks via Twitter about his new Hanx typewriter iPad app”

  1. There shouldn’t be a delete button!


    • Zac Hall says:

      Hanks said in the press release, “No longer must you surrender modern luxuries, like the DELETE key.” :) also has spell check :P


  2. wait, wait, wait…didn’t Apple fire people over ‘skeuomorphism?’ and now that tom hanks does it they just have to get an interview with this guy?


    • eldonchew says:

      Who did Apple fire over skeuomorphism? Scott Forstall? He was fired because of his refusal to sign a public apology for Apple’s map screw up.


  3. Now that Apple is allowing for custom keyboards–I’d like this app better as that. Rather than a full fledged word processing app that has to compete with some other, arguably fuller fledged word processing apps, I’d be more tempted to get this to have a typewriter keyboard in Pages, etc.


  4. drtyrell969 says:

    Sure I’ll endorse your app! Do you I get be technical?


  5. Not impressed. Only US keyboard.


  6. I’d love this app for my Macbook too!


  7. Nice photoshop work, lazy


  8. Mobile Application Development says:

    News is good that we can enjoy the old school typewriter experience by this app, but it is only for US or only for iPad, so you can realize that how you can expect the felling of the OLD school typewriter with this new Hanx typewriter iPad app. I don’t think so.


  9. I so need this for my mac book air, make it happen Hank!


  10. Too bad it’s only for IPads and not MacBook Pro’s?