Google has dropped a new app for iPhone this morning called Photo Sphere Camera. The app offers a special camera that allows you to capture 360º images – everything above, below, and around you – for viewing and sharing. The new app even allows you to publish 360º images you capture to Google Maps for others to see as well. Google notes that the app requires iPhone 4S or higher for capturing images. Photo Sphere Camera is available for free on the App Store joining a long list of other Google apps including its popular game augmented reality game Ingress.

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5 Responses to “Google releases new Photo Sphere Camera app for iPhone”

  1. So Google rips off and IOS app that was released in 2009 and call it sphere and than re-releases it’s own ripped off version.


  2. What about Bubbli? I think it’s really good


  3. What an excellent way of boosting image count on google maps. Google has a way of getting us to do things for them…