Apple today released the second version of the OS X Yosemite Public Beta. The update is available via Software Update on the Mac App Store for those running the initial beta release; the first beta was released at the end of July. It appears Public Beta 2 is nearly the same build as the Developer Preview 6 (build r, up from f) released to Yosemite developers earlier this week. Apple has also released an updated version of the redesigned iTunes 12:


The updated iTunes 12 build (build 97, up from 81) has an improved design that is more consistent throughout:

Screenshot 2014-08-21 10.16.17


The new iTunes update also includes new icons for Music, Movies, TV shows, and other media sections. There is also a new Recently Added view for All Albums:

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.18.28 PM

Here are the release notes from Yosemite Public Beta 2 (Build 14A329r over DP6 Build 14A329f):

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.16.12 PM

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33 Responses to “Apple releases OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 & fresh iTunes 12 beta”

  1. Public Beta 2 build: 10.10 (14A329r)
    DP6: 10.10 (14A329f)

    “r” vs “f” :)


  2. Are they going to update this post?


  3. Let’s see what’s new…


  4. I’m running both on 2 partitions, I will see now if this beta matches up with the dev.


  5. Ry L says:

    It’s weird that there are blue highlights for button selections…shouldn’t it be red to match the new icon?


  6. Installed the public beta on a 20GB partition and now there is not enough free space to install beta 2, even though most of the 20GB is taken up by the OS.


  7. Jim Phong says:

    iTunes still lacks clarity, a lot. And advanced features as well. The UI is a mess. They redesigned it? It doesn’t seem so…
    It’s still unreliable and confusing the way tunes are organized. Sorting it’s even worse.
    But the worst is the whole indexing thing.. if you move files on your partitions iTunes loses tracks of it and you can’t re-use the same index just pointing to another partition/folder although the metadata for all the files is there and iTunes surely did hashing on files as well.. Still it’s so easy to break it completely… After so many years Apple should have fixed this. They should hire some metadata experts because the ones they got right now on the project don’t seem to have a clue.. really.


    • paul324069 says:

      It’s just a beta come down


    • noelboss says:

      It’s not really iTunes faults (then again it is since it still even allows you to access the files as opposed to iPhoto). iTunes handles the music for you. You are not supposed to move files around. If you want to, choose an other form of listening because iTunes is clearly designed to abstract the file-stuff and present you with the music related data only – artist, compilation, artwork. Once you started to accept this (as with all Apple-Ways) you’ll never have a problem. But hey, if you love it, continue swimming against the river. Unfortunately, the apple-river is pretty strong and it’s exhausting swimming against it.


  8. i still don’t see the Yosemite update on mac App Store, just the itunes update , do you guys know why ?


  9. Tom Hawking says:

    Danny Garcia – try ‘Purchases’


  10. I just installed the new beta, and my onboard audio stopped working. It works with headphones, but control is greyed out in the menu bar when headphones aren’t plugged in. Anyone else having the same issue?


    • Still downloading new beta but on beta 1 this happened to me in a slightly different way. A fix for me was to go to Library -> Preferences -> Audio and delete(or backup to be safe the two .plist files. After a reboot the OS reconstructed the files and the error was gone. It has reoccurred but the fix works every time.


  11. Since I updated to this, all my notification widgets have gone. All I have is the date and the tomorrow view. Any suggestions?


  12. I installed Yosemite as my main OS upgrading from Mavericks & I must say it works very fluent & it’s a laggy but overall everything works, tried all my apps and everything seems to be running good. On 2010 Mac Mini with 4GB Ram.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Afonso says:

    how do we download this?


  14. Fixed CrashPlan Pro crash for me.


  15. How do you download the Beta 2 if you already have the Beta 1


  16. Spotlight is not working for me after the update…


  17. polks95 says:

    And they also changed the home icon in Safari!


  18. preview’s table of content is not working. Does anyone knows how to fix this?


  19. My Update mechanism is broken, iTunes, Keynote, Numbers, Pages all say they need updates but the updates halt or appear frozen and never update. I even tried reinstalling OS 10.10 DP6 again, since I am in the Million person Beta, the builds may be different, 14A329f. What gives here???


  20. pelon1071 says:

    I don’t know if anyone has reported this, but in my copy of the public beta, if I hold down Shift, the volume sound plays.