Reuters is reporting that iPhone 6 production was disrupted for part of June and July after Apple was forced to abandon its plans to use a thinner display backlighting system in the new handset.

Suppliers to Apple are scrambling to get enough screens ready for the new iPhone 6 smartphone as the need to redesign a key component disrupted panel production ahead of next month’s expected launch, supply chain sources said …

We reported in June that Apple’s quest for thinness had led the company to try switching from two brightness element films in the display to just one, and that the higher quality requirements of the single layer of film could threaten production yields. Reuters now says that Apple was forced to abandon this plan.

The new configuration was not bright enough and the backlight was sent back to the drawing board to fit in the extra layer, costing precious time and temporarily idling some screen assembly operations

This would not be the first reported glitch to cause delays in production of the iPhone 6, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stating last month that the larger 5.5-inch model was likely to be delayed due to yield issues with the in-cell touch panel and color unevenness in the metal casing.

Nothing seems likely to change the expected 9th September announcement date, though it is possible that early supplies may be somewhat constrained.

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25 Responses to “iPhone 6 production disrupted as Apple abandons thinner backlight approach, reports Reuters”

  1. patstar5 says:

    I wonder how many will complain the next iPhone is too big. I guess the smaller one will be about size of moto x, I think 4.7 Is the biggest you can get while still being able to use it one handed. Now the 6l will be 5.5 inches, I am actually typing on a 5.5 inch phone right now and it is kind of difficult for one hand use. Well I won’t be getting an iPhone again, switched to android. I was hoping apple would bring iTunes to android but I guess they won’t since they bought beats music. Well I will just have to buy on my laptop and then sync with my phone.


    • PMZanetti says:

      Apple would never bring anything to Android. Its a toxic, fraudulent platform with no practical benefit in the world. Its a mobile malware nightmare and probably the worst of all modern operating systems.

      All you need to know are the stats that repeatedly show the same failure of Android….no money. There is just no money in Android Apps and content. Why would Apple pollute iTunes with an Android client when Android users don’t buy music, or spend money period?

      Liked by 1 person

      • rettun1 says:

        Come on mate, go easy on him…

        Tim Cook was asked if he’d bring iTunes to Android, it isn’t likely but he said that if it made sense and if it aligned with their vision of a good experience, nothing’s impossible.


      • Blimey, you’d make even John Gruber blush with displays of blinkered evidence free fanboyism like that.

        Here’s a tip, try calming down, you’ll live longer.


    • Beats & Apple are overrated & overpriced products!! itunes sucks and is full of lag. 5.5″ phones are the way to go. I guess Apple has no other choice but to follow the market or should I say follow the money.

      I’m convinced the Applelonians will say the bigger screen is the best thing since sliced bread. Cook won’t say anything about 1 handed phone use and Schiller will market this thing like never before. Plus the Applelonians will get a new app.

      Apple is a joke, I don’t even take them seriously anymore.


      • Don’t be foolish – Apple doesn’t have to “follow the money”, because they are the profit generating leader.

        Go troll somewhere else.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @iphonenick you sound foolish.. Of course they are following the money. Are you that naive to see it. Don’t kid yourself. You probably think they are making a bigger iphone for your benefit!! LOL

        Stop it..


      • rettun1 says:

        Having fun Teejay? I’m happy you found out there there is only one “way to go”. Lol thanks for setting my head straight, that’ll keep me from thinking independently again in the future!


      • …& Apple are overrated and over priced products… iTunes sucks and is full of lag…

        Man I must tell you, you don’t have a bit of knowledge. If you are intelligent and if you know both worlds best, you would realize that Apple is underrated and fair prized compared to the huge Win-scrap and Android-scrap community. Did you ever sell a 3 Y’s old Win Laptop (from what ever Company) for at least half of the prize you bought it?
        I was a hardcore Win user for many years (starting with Ms Dos 3.0) and I changed to Apple in 2010. So I can compare both worlds and how the countless Computer Press tries to hold down Apple (because I think Apple pays less for an positive article).
        What is the reason that nobody once knows Apple will never switch back to Win?
        And Win 7 is running even smoother as a virtual machine on my MBP as on an Win PC (Yes as a freelance I have no choice and need Win)!
        Coming to iTunes, can you show me another Programm in the world that can handle 100’s of GB’s (yes my Music alone has 100 GB) of Music, Films and whatever (even documents) so easy and well running and perfectly synchronized between all possible devices (even Win devices)? I think you can’t!
        They make money, because they’re the only one (beside Porsche) making products which are worth the money they cost.


    • herb02135go says:

      My S5 is easy to use with one hand.

      It has a feature that allows the screen image to reconfigure itself based on my custom settings.

      I wonder if a 5″ Iphone will have that.


    • Why do so many think that a one-handed iPhone use is so important – puzzles me ! I never use any smartphone other than two-handed; hold the phone in my left hand, peck at the keyboard with a finger of my right hand, always have done. The only people I see using a thumb are kids, who can’t be bothered spelling correctly anyway.


  2. ff4christ says:

    Don’t we hear this every year? Man, Sept. 9th can’t get here soon enough!


    • herb02135go says:

      I’m anxious to see what Apple says.

      I doubt it will be that impressive though. I’ve used the S5 for a couple of months so I am spoiled!


      • acslater017 says:

        The one-handed usability, camera, build quality, software, security, TouchID, app selection, and support will all be better than a Galaxy.

        Display and battery life are probably about the only things will be about the same.


  3. Thinner, thinner, thinner is a terrible design philosophy. But it’s Apple’s mindset. Thinner design is cheaper to build so more money in Apple’s profit margin but more money out consumers pocket..

    Also who is this article trying to fool? This new iphone is already assembled and ready to ship!! The announcement is 2 weeks away. No one producing any product in mass production waits til the last minute to produce them. The phones were done months ago. Cut it out…


  4. Apple will continue to do amazing things. They have the capital and the talent to give consumers like us a great quality product. Sometimes its just an upgrade from last year version, but I believe that something new is in the works that will impress even the non Apple fan. Working with both Apple and Android products on a daily bases, hands down, Apple wins in all categories.