According to a new report from China Times (translated by GforGames), Apple will make the next-gen iPhone even thinner by moving from two brightness enhancement films in the iPhone’s display to just one. The move will reportedly allow Apple to have an overall thinner design for the iPhone 6, but could cause supply issues in the process as its suppliers work to get the new display tech ready. According to the report, the switch to a single brightness enhancement film in the new backlight might result in yield issues:

However, up until now Apple and Miebea (the supplier) have used two BEFs, and delivering a new backlight with just a single brightness enhancement film can allegedly cause yield issues. To our understanding, the reason why a single BEF could cause yield issues is because the remaining layer needs to be better enough to get the job done by itself. As for the alleged yield problems, these reports suggest that some of Minebea’s backlight orders will be taken over by OMRON and Radiant.

The report adds what we’ve heard from several other sources in recent weeks that Apple is gearing up for mass production in July for a September launch. It also claims Apple will be continuing to use in-cell technology, something that recent rumors claimed would be replaced. Lastly, the report says Apple’s usual suppliers including LG, JDI and SHARP— not Innolux— will provide displays for the device. China Times typically reports a lot of supply chain chatter, some of which doesn’t always turn out to be accurate.

The most recent report from reliable sources claimed two iPhone 6 models— a 4.7-inch display and a larger 5.5-inch design— would hit mass production in July and go on sale simultaneously later in the fall.

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9 Responses to “Report: iPhone 6 will use new display tech for thinner design, could cause yield issues”

  1. Beautiful picture. Shame they won’t actually look like that. :-(


  2. accdla says:

    Anorexia Nervosa


  3. I seriously hope Apple cut the bezels of the phone so it does not look as a stretched iPhone 5 (thats what the screen looks like in latest mockups…) If LG did it, why apple can’t? Cmon!!!


    • Andrew Kwak says:

      Apple can’t because of that damn home button. Question is why can’t they redesign the home button to fit in a smaller bezel design? I’m sure they could figure out a way to fit Touch-ID into a different design. The home button pretty much has not changed since the original iPhone…I think it’s safe to say a change for that part of the iPhone would be really great.


  4. I seriously hope it looks like that! So gorgeous!!


  5. Your screenshots have “unlock” spelled wrong….


  6. Cun Con says:

    Whoever mocked up those iPhone 6 in the picture didn’t sh.it about Symmetrical Design principle in Apple registered patent.