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Ahead of next week’s iPhone 6 announcement, Apple has finally debuted the new design for its iTunes Connect web app that was initially shown off during the WWDC Platforms State of the Union. The new design features a more iOS-like look, similar to that of, and now gives developers even more information about their apps. Analytics feature have also been added for helping users track App Store page views and more.

The new iTunes Connect features will automatically be enabled in iOS apps with no necessary input from developers, as Apple noted during the original announcement. You can take the revamped system for a spin over on the iTunes Connect website.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 21.41.36

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11 Responses to “Apple officially launches revamped iTunes Connect demoed during WWDC”

  1. jobug77 says:

    Come on Apple, what’s the big secret….. Where dying to no :):):):)::):):):)


  2. The analytics feature isn’t available at the moment. Probably after iOS8 is officially released


  3. Don’t work yet. It hangs during initial load of the new page (from Spain).


  4. I only get the blue screen with a white circle. Nothing happens.


  5. finally about time, old itunes connect was looking and functioning anciently!


  6. Oh my gosh! I have been waiting for this update ever since I saw the WWDC vid.


  7. Ummm… Am I going nuts or is team selection completely missing?


  8. Amir Hudani says:

    does not work.. (India)